A Short Review of One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: Book Review

What did I like the most about the book? The author coined the term Kaizen. The word helps a person bring improvement through small steps and effective utilisation of minor—moments in human life.

The basis premises discusses in the book refer to bring changes through small, steady steps. The author coins the term Kaizen, which he explains as a process. This process helps an individual to improve a habit by utilising small steps. Though it may appear flimsy, in reality, small steps lead to significant and effective changes. 

They describe the Kaizen as; 

Improving a habit by using small steps 

Effective utilisation of small moments to inspire new products 

The author emphasises service and gratitude. Besides it, slight changes help in disarming the fears of the human brain. It is the advantage of the human brain: small steps do not burden instead soothe the brain. 

During the difficult phase of life, an individual tries to look for solutions in areas with which one is less familiar. The answers to problems are somewhere else, especially in the dark zones where one does not want to concentrate. 

Asking minor questions to oneself and the team members activates oneself and others to get slight changes. The author reaffirms that the human brain loves questions and would help one with answers. 

The author reiterates that decision-making has more relevance in determining one’s destiny and not individual life’s condition. Thus, choosing to believe and acting is the proper sequence to select the desired goal. 

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