A Short Review of The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown 

The Gifts of Imperfection: Book Review

What do I like most? The book teaches a person to trust effort to work in life. 

As they say, no two people can be alike. Hence, the author opines not to compare one with the other. Imitating others is not advisable, and one must be honest in approach to one’s life. There are many lives in an individual’s life when they face a struggle between emotional feelings and rational thoughts. 

In such a situation, one needs to give up the ego and listen to one’s gut feeling. Hence, the author suggests that our decisions have more relevance in a situation of uncertainty to move forward and go for action. The author illustrates this by giving the example of the game of tennis. While playing tennis, the player doesn’t calculate the tennis ball’s trajectory instead jumps to a side, trusting their instinct. 

The author opines that comparison in any form with anyone makes life complete. Usually, one thinks competing with others is the way of achieving success. The author suggests that otherwise and finds that competition does not bring out the best. The author’s opinion must work to be original rather than waste one’s talent in competing with others.

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