A Short Review of Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley

Unlimited Memory: Book Review

What did I like most? The author hits at the right place that forgetting is a dangerous habit. Whosoever be the person irrespective of class, creed, religion, or age. Everyone needs an excellent memory. 

In author puts the blame on man for forgetting this is inappropriate behaviour. Concentration is a method. The author suggests some practical things, purpose, interest, and curiosity. These three are interrelated. Every person needs a sense of who may be interested in something and a hidden desire to know more about the object of interest. It makes human life meaningful to pursue an activity based on one’s interest. 

How can one attain the full potential of one’s brain? By focussing on a task at a time and avoiding multitasking. By 30 methods, one can imprint in the brain by engaging the senses, making an image, and exaggerating in action and energisation. 

Another method which author suggests is the 4c: 

Concentration, creation, connection, and continuity: the result of something by SEE style and then connecting it to a person’s specific quality and then use in continuity, for example, Einstein his big curly hair and a drooping moustache make it easy to remember him. The caution one needs to repeat the sequence in one’s memory is not to forget the series. According to the author, a person’s memory can keep a record for up to two years maximum. The author opines that self-discipline helps a person to raise their standards. A good memory is not a God gift one needs practice to develop a good memory.

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