80 Mins Exam, But The Test Paper Is Blank, What Happens Next Is Disturbing

Test Paper Is Blank What Would You Do

Eight deserving individuals have advanced to the last round of interviews for a position with a secretive and powerful business. They are placed in a windowless chamber and given 80 minutes to answer one basic question by an Invigilator.

As a result, there will be no laws in the room other than those that the firm authorises. Candidates are not permitted to speak with either the invigilator or the guard. They are not allowed to damage the paper or leave the room for any reason. They will be disqualified if they breach any of the regulations. There is only one question on the test. The invigilator inquires whether the applicants have any queries. He exits the room after setting the clock to 80 minutes. When the candidates turn over their question papers, they find that they are entirely blank. After the initial uncertainty has passed, one irritated applicant writes, ‘I feel I deserve…,’ and is swiftly removed for disrupting the event.

The surviving candidates quickly realise they can communicate with each other and agree to work together to find out the question, after which they may compete to answer it. They initially assume the question is buried in their papers, similar to a security marking on a credit card, and they devise strategies to reveal the secret words. However, light, drinks, and other ideas all fail. The candidates quickly learn about each other’s histories, biases, and secret objectives. As the time ticks closer to zero, tensions grow, and each candidate must determine how far they are ready to go to land the dream job…

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Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson
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