Everything on the Plane Starts to Freeze, and Something Strange Happens to the Passengers

Strange Things Happen When Everything on the Plane Starts to Freeze

Travelling by plane can be frightening for some people, particularly those who are claustrophobic. For a select few, being locked in a box at a height of thousands of feet may be extremely stressful.

Flight 7500 introduces a new level of dread to air travel. Human hair tubes are carried by one of the passengers. Yes, there may be something more deadly than sharp items. Souls are imprisoned in glass tubes in this scenario. Why wasn’t this caught through screening? I have no idea. Items that aid in supernatural rituals appear to be permitted.

So, the plane takes off, and we’re exposed to numerous issues that the crew and passengers are facing. A stewardess is expecting a child, a couple is bickering, and a robber is on board. The man carrying the unusual wooden box with the aforementioned bizarre glass tubes suddenly dies minutes into the journey. Rather than turning around, the pilot instructs all first-class passengers to board the budget plane. Isn’t it possible that the travellers will be reimbursed later? The cost of first-class tickets is high.

The cabin pressure lowers minutes later, and the pilot is unable to contact the control tower. More people began to vanish shortly after that. One of them notices a fighter plane passing by but is unable to communicate with it.

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Instead of a movie, the news station appears on the board’s displays, stating that their flight had a cabin pressure problem and that everyone on board has died. The fighter jet had come near to check on the passengers, but all it saw were bodies. The travellers discover their bodies and work out their problems.

The plane slams into the water.

And you know things aren’t going to end well for the passengers the second the cabin pressure fails and a fighter plane approaches.

Is this the end? Nope.

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