10 Best Australian Cricket Fieldsmen in History

Top Ten Best Australian Cricket Fieldsmen in History

When you talk about the best cricket side, you talk about the Australian Cricket team and that is without being biased. While on the subject of the top 10 best Australian cricket fieldsmen in history, we will even admit that the top individual fieldsman in world cricket is probably the South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes, who is retired already. Nevertheless, Australia has the best players all-round and we look at the top 10 Down Under fieldsmen!

Australia’s Best Cricket Fieldsmen in History

1. Ricky Ponting

Nobody in the world would argue when we name Ricky Ponting the world’s number two player in history! It is a historical fact! Ricky Ponting is still the number one top Australian cricket fieldsman even after his retirement. He is the record-holder of the most run-outs, 80 to be exact, in international matches. he is one of the players that didn’t restrict play to a single position. While he wasn’t a wicket-keeper he also holds the record for the most catches, 196 in Test cricket. Against India he had 36 catches and the former South African captain, Graeme Smith called the Aussie the strongest player he has ever encountered. In ODIs, he was equally powerful with 160 catches.

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2. Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh’s name is called in the same sentence as Ponting and is equal to the Australian number one. As a non-keeper, he caught a staggering 181 balls. In ODIs, he caught 108 balls while he took 128 balls in Test cricket. His brilliance ensured that he will go down in history as one of the world’s all-time best fielders and not only in Australia!

3. David Boone

David Boone was a top-order batsman for Australia who scored more than 1000 runs in Test cricket. While he shone as a batsman, he shone equally bright and incredibly fast on the field as well. He was able to catch the almost impossible catch including the one where he caught out the late Hansie Cronje against the bowling of Shane Warne during the Australia and South Africa 1993 and 1994 series cricket. In 107 Test matches, he caught an incredible 99 balls.

4. Michael Hussey

Michael hussy is well-known for his batting until he showed his tremendous fielding skills. In Test cricket in 79 Tests, he had 85 catches, while he excelled in One Day Internationals where he caught 105 balls in 80 matches. the same skills he took with him in T 20 matches where he had 77 catches.

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5. David Warner

David Warner might be one of the top batsmen in Australia, but on the field, he shines equally loud and bright. In ODIs, he caught 43 balls in 101 matches while in Tests he took 52 balls of 66 innings. In the T20 one day’s arena, he caught 34 in 65 matches, while the T20 leagues saw him taking 110 catches from 238 games.

6. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is an all-rounder, but he has been called exceptional in the T20 league with 87 balls caught in 183 matches.

7. Michael Clarke

In Tests, Michael Clarke is an excellent fielder and as the Australian captain, he took 134 balls in only 115 matches. In ODIs, he caught 106 balls in 205 matches and 13 balls in 34 T20s.

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8. Andrew Symonds

There was nothing that Andrew Symonds couldn’t do on the cricket field and therefore named as one of Australia’s top all-rounders of all time. He played in 26 Test matches during which he caught 22 balls. In the 198 One Day Internationals, he also caught 82 balls, while he had 42 catches in 93 T20s.

9. Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor was the Australian captain from 1994 to 1999 and one of the top opening batsmen in Australian cricket history. He was also one of the top fielders with the highest number of slip catches in history. He caught 157 balls at slips in Test Cricket.

10. Michael Bevan

Michael Bevan is often called the best batsman in One Day Internationals. He still made the list as one of the best fieldsmen in Australian history though with 8 catches in Tests and in 232 ODIs he took 69 catches.

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Fun Fact

Who is Australia's best fielder?

Sensational’: Steve Smith is formally Australia’s quality fielder in forty three years. Steve Smith’s document with the bat is not anything quick of extraordinary — however he additionally ranks amongst Australia’s all-time greats withinside the field.

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