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YuuGive Brief

About Our Company, YuuZoo:

Listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX: AFC), YuuZoo has offices in France, China, Nigeria, Thailand and Singapore. YuuZoo has built a mobile and online technology platform on which several in-house developed products in a unique, and for each market fully localized manner, offer hundreds of vertical social networks, eCommerce, gaming, video and payments. Through a global network of franchisees and marketing partners, the services cover several countries in Asia, Africa and Europe with a combined population of more than 4 billion. To see the YuuZoo platform and learn more about the company, log on to

YuuZoo Recently Launched a Website/Platform Called YuuGive.

  • YuuGive is an exceptional eCommerce platform and app that turns buyers into givers
  • Buyers at YuuGive incur no extra cost, while YuuZoo donates 50 per cent of its commissions to buyer’s chosen charity
  • YuuGive offers a wide choice of online stores, products and choice of causes and charities
  • With YuuGive, buyers can shop as much as they like, while no extra cent leaves their pockets. The YuuGive platform and app work with a distinctive donation model, allowing buyers to shop as usual, while YuuZoo donates 50 per cent of its own commissions to registered and verified charities.
  • YuuGive makes giving back as simple and fun as shopping.
  • With the vast aggregation of products from eCommerce and other marketplace sites, buyers can search for their favorite online stores at YuuGive, make a purchase at the original price of their chosen product and then check out. Every buying transaction thus benefits a charity, with buyers given the option of selecting their preferred organization.

More About YuuGive:

YuuGive is for online shoppers who are particularly passionate about specific causes or those who would like an opportunity to get involved but do not feel financially capable. They can now raise money for charities while shopping on a platform that provides the best deals and promotions for products and services from top websites globally.

YuuGive is supported by YuuZoo Corporation, a global company that engages in a wide array of businesses ranging from social networks, eCommerce, payments, and even mobile games.

It is estimated that global online commerce brings in about USD1.9 Trillion in 2016. Assuming just a small fraction of the marketing spending (typically up to 10%), or about USD190 billion goes to charity instead, how much difference we can make. With YuuGive, users get to give back to their favourite charities without paying from their own pockets, and what is more, YuuGive gifts 50% of its profits from the sale of goods to charities handpicked by each and every customer of YuuGive.


  • If you visit the website, you will see YuuGive’s brand ambassadors – women from different countries. They are models on-board with our other platform called Sutagram. They support our cause of shopping and giving at the same time.

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