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How to be an exceptional copywriter. When writing and compiling an article making it reader-friendly is essential to achieve good outcomes. Effectively you become a Copywriter. This skill goes beyond your average Joe writer and turns you into a Master Craftsperson. Your words jump from the page and ensure the end-user, namely, the reader gets the message and enjoys the experience.

The first and second heading requires a well-defined set-out and clearly explains what your article is about. Also, what the reader can hope to gain from reading the article. For web use, you start with an H1 and followed with an H2 subheading. Furthermore, the use of bold text and italics draw your readers in while ensuring the delivery of a critical message.

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1. Copywriting is a Skill and a Gift

Newspapers experienced mass-production since the early 1600s and while copywriting has been around a lot longer, the dawn of mass advertising came along with the first newspapers.  One of the greatest skills of advertising is being able to draw your target audience in. This means offering quality advice, education of making someone aware of that thing they always wanted but never knew about.

The key to engaging the audience is ensuring your Copywrite is eye-catching, easy to follow and quickly gets to the point.  Also by adding images to the works, you can not only keep the audience engaged but also show them what they are missing out on.

2. The Psychology of Copywriting

John Emory Powers is likely the first-ever freelancer in terms of independent copywriting. In the mid-1800s, large department stores saw the benefit of excellent ad copy and employing highly skilled copywriters to ensure their products sold well. The power of advertising and well-presented articles has gone from strength to strength since then. Look what we have today, an entire multibillion-dollar industry dedicated to selling us stuff we don’t need at prices we can just about afford.

Global ads spend as of late 2019 around 700 billion Australian Dollars, I mean come on that’s huge and unimaginable money. Yet to sell and have quality adverts your need good copywriters, the best in the business undoubtedly millionaires themselves.

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3. Copywriters Work Always Continue

As soon as you have finished your masterpiece, it’s drawing the attraction of 1000s of new customers, chatters of excitement in the streets.  You the copywriter, however, have to move onto the next gig, always looking for the next angle, the next hustle, no-one even knows your name. But the games are ever-evolving, no longer magazines and newspapers, but eCommerce that is growing and a phenomenal rate of nearly 20 per cent per year.

How to be an exceptional copywriter requires continuous change and transformation. Also, to adapt to a technologically advanced community. In an ever-evolving world, there are, however, some home truths for all copywriters, and no matter the format excellence cannot be ignored in any of these fields:

Essential Skills for a Copywriter

  • English Language Skills
    • grammar
    • punctuation
    • spelling
  • An Eye For Detail
  • A Wide Vocabulary
  • See Different Points of View
  • Listening Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Curiosity
  • impeccable storytelling
  • emotional persuasion
  • brevity
  • uniqueness
  • audience focussed

Conclusion: How to be a Great Copywriter

How to be an exceptional copywriter requires an exceptional writing skill. Copywriting is an art form. We learn it over many years and takes practice and 1000s of articles to near perfection. However, any copywriter will tell you that perfection has to be imperfect, and the road to self-actualisation is long, arduous but oh so satisfying. Start today, make your work stand out, dare to dream and who knows one day you could be writing for the New York Times.

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How To Be An Exceptional Copywriter

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