Best Bathtub Toys For Toddlers

Top Bathtub Toys For Toddlers

Little munchkins just love bathtime, don’t they? But what they love even more is playing in the bathtub. So, transform your child’s bubbly fun into something extra magical. Here’s a list of 10 best and cheapest Amazon bath toys your toddler will simply adore.

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1. Green Floatplane

Not only is this toy super fun, but it also increases the pincer grip of your toddler. Your little captain can learn the different ways of transport too – air and water.

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2. Disney Toys

What child doesn’t love Disney cartoons? Well, now they can play with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. They’re squirt toys and are suitable for children between 6 and 18 months.

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3. Shark Family

It’s not THE baby shark and mommy shark, but these are fun nevertheless. This mommy shark floats on water while carrying 3 baby sharks on her back.

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4. Basketball Hoop

Your toddlers can now play basketball in the bathtub! Wait, what? Is there also an adult version of that hoop? Asking for a friend. All jokes aside, this toy is excellent for your child’s coordination as well. Get your little basketball star to training.

Buy Now : Basketball Hoop

5. Glowing Dinosaur Set

Yes, it’s dinosaurs. Yes, they glow in all kinds of colours. And they float. Give your baby a colourful look at the prehistoric times.

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6. Duck-Batman

Who doesn’t like superheroes? Batman has officially become a duck, but he is just as mighty! And his newest most crucial mission is to play with your toddler.

Buy Now : Duck-Batman

7. Unicorn Squeeze Toy

This toy is meant as a special gift to the very youngest munchkins. It lights up when you put it in water, and your little baby can squeeze it all it wants.

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8. Spray Water Toy With a Musical Fountain

It’s a friendly colourful UFO that squirts water, shines and plays music! Your child will be absolutely captivated by this toy.

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 9. Flower Kit

Kids can play make-believe in the bathtub and pretend to be little gardeners. They can water their flower while improving their hand-eye coordination. It’s safe, fun and educational. 

Buy Now : Flower Kit

10. Toy Basket

Once the fun is over, all those wet toys must be put away somewhere, right? You don’t have to worry about the mess anymore. Simply put this storage basket over your bathtub, and your child’s toys are ready for the next day.

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