World Day For AudioVisual Heritage 2022 Theme

World Day For AudioVisual Heritage

The World Day For Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated every year on 27 October. Archival audiovisual materials provide insight into people’s daily lives and cultural practices worldwide. They’re a treasured piece of our collective memory and a priceless repository of information on the wide cultural, social, and linguistic variety in our society.

Theme:  The importance of archiving and preserving audiovisual sources.

They aid in our development and understanding of the world we live in. All memory institutions and the general public have a stake in preserving this history and making it available to current and future generations. Do you know? The UNESCO Archives has begun work on a new initiative called “Digitizing our common UNESCO heritage.”

Adopting the recommendation for safeguarding and preserving moving images at the 21st General Conference in 1980 is commemorated on World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (WDAH). World Day serves as a platform for bringing attention to the urgency of action and the value of audiovisual documentation.

Through this lens, the 2015 Recommendation Concerning the Preservation of and Access to Documentary Heritage, Including in Digital Form, offers an opportunity for UNESCO’s Member States to assess their implementation efforts. The free flow of ideas by word and picture is a UNESCO constitutional duty, which the WDAH fulfils. Moreover, it is a symbol of our shared legacy and memories. Thus, the day emphasizes the importance of cultural heritage in helping individuals form mental fortifications for peace.


Since its inception in 2005, World Day for Audiovisual Heritage has become an annual event. It was brought into existence by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA). Many audiovisual organizations across the world are members of the CCAAA. The CCAAA doesn’t need to have any unique staff roles because each registered association has a president and vice president elected by the board.

After UNESCO’s 1980 “Recommendation for the Safeguarding and Preservation of Moving Images,” the CCAAA was formed to implement the recommendations. Efforts by the recommendation effort pushed institutions and organizations to work together urgently to protect archives. As a result, the Roundtable of Audiovisual Records was created. The Roundtable meeting brought together several organizations, such as the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the International Council on Archives (ICA).

An annual Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) was settled upon. Over time, the archival associations participating realized that more needed to be done, and the CCAAA was established. It is projected that audiovisual sources decay within 10 to 15 years if they are not correctly stored and maintained. We risk losing vital linguistic, social, and cultural history. UNESCO sees the following benefits of the day as: “raising public awareness of the need for preservation; providing opportunities to celebrate specific local, national or international aspects of the heritage; highlighting the accessibility of archives; attracting media attention to heritage issues; raising the cultural status of audiovisual heritage; highlighting audiovisual heritage in danger, especially in developing countries”.

How To Celebrate

Look up what your country is doing on a specific day to see if there are any ways you might get involved. Competitions, conferences, movies, and discussion panels are often held on the day’s subject. Do you know? The theme for 2020 was “Your Window to the World”. You may set up your event if there aren’t any nearby. Contact your town council or other local groups, such as the library or museum, and ask them for help in raising awareness of the day’s significance. Enlist the assistance of loved ones and friends to make the occasion a success.

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To honour Audiovisual Heritage Day, you must take the opportunity to learn something new from an audiovisual medium. Check out some DVDs and CDs at your local public library. Having users and tourists regularly check out the materials housed in a library can help the library raise the necessary funds and solicit contributions. Libraries will be deprived of much-needed financing if this does not take place. Students learn more effectively when they can hear and see what they’re being taught at the same time when they use an audiovisual resource in the classroom. A kid born today will likely have a very different understanding of technology than a youngster born in the early 2000s because of the quick expansion and change in the audiovisual sector.

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Fun Fact

How Many Audiovisual Records will be preserved on 27 October 2020?

Experts preserved over 40,000 Audiovisual records on 27 October 2020.

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