World Development Information Day 2022 Theme

World Development Information Day

World Development Information Day is celebrated every year on 24 October. The goal of the UN General Assembly was to raise awareness of global development issues and the need for increased international cooperation each year. As a result, the International Development Strategy for the Second Nations Development Decade was enacted on this day in 1970, making it a national holiday.

Technology can give innovative answers to development difficulties, particularly in the context of globalisation, fostering economic growth, competitiveness, information and knowledge access, poverty eradication and social inclusion that will assist in hastening the integration of all nations, particularly developing countries, in particular, the least developed nations into the global economy.


Do you know? The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development was founded in 1964. UNN UN formed this organisation to promote economic growth and international commerce to promote economic growth. Transport, finance, and technology were all areas of focus for UNCTAD. It was created out of worries about international markets, multinational firms, and the gap between developed and developing countries. UNCTAD was established so that governments could address economic and other issues on a global scale. Already established UN found international organisations such as the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund insufficient to solve some developing countries’ problems.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) established World Development Information Day in 1972 to enhance global awareness of development and trade concerns. 24 October was chosen as the date for World Development Information Day because it coincided with United Nations Day, one of the United Nations’ key goals. You can interpret the significance of the day in a variety of ways. Some have argued that the day should address trade and development difficulties by utilising current technologies such as cell phones and the internet. As a result, more young people are enticed to pursue careers in this area.

The digital divide in access to potential ICT tools and broadband connectivity between countries with differing levels of development, which affects many economically and socially relevant applications in areas such as health and education, further expresses concern regarding the unique challenges faced by developing countries, such as telecommunications infrastructure; (A/RES/65/141)

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How To Celebrate

Several United Nations-sponsored activities and discussions occur each year on this day. To better understand sustainable development, participate in these discussions. To help your community expand, consider what you can do to contribute to its development. The members of your potential community can help you find solutions to problems related to the development and how to build your community more efficiently. Many people have no idea how important this day is. Make blog postings or social media posts about this day to make more people aware of it, and the community is better informed.

Most necessities and resources are still lacking in many nations. Our community’s growth and the development of others are both important goals to keep in mind on this day. One of the main goals of the United Nations is to promote development. You can choose world Development Information Day to coincide with United Nations Day. On this particular day, learn more about the challenges countries face throughout the world. On this day, contemplate how you may positively impact the world.

A well-established fact about information and communications technology is that it presents new opportunities and challenges and that developing countries face significant impediments to accessing new technologies. For example, lack of resources, infrastructure, education, capacity for investment and connectivity, and issues related to technology ownership standards, and you must address this immediately.

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Fun Fact

What is the resolution for World Development Information Day?

The resolution for World Development Information Day is Resolution 3038 (XXVII)

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