Why Should you Visit Canberra?

3 Reasons Why Should you Visit Canberra

This really is a unique city; everything is so close and beautiful. In the morning you can explore the latest exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia, while in the afternoon you can chose hiking up Mount Ainslie, and enjoy the breathtaking views. So if you want to get full detailed information regarding Why Should you Visit Canberra then just read the article very carefully.

Therefore, whether you’re here for a day, or hopefully more days, here are several very good reasons why Canberra should be on your bucket list.

1. Cultural Life

You’re passionate about theaters, museums, cultural spots? If so, Canberra is the right decision. As Canberrans are known for their love towards art and academics; it is no wonder that art galleries, concerts, and exhibitions are frequented by both locals and tourists.

Canberra’s cultural sights are located around Lake Burley Griffin, very close to one another, thus it’s easy to visit a few of them at once. However, those who won’t have enough time, the big four is recommended: the National Museum of Australia, Parliament House with the National Gallery of Australia and National Portrait Gallery. The latter two are regularly voted the favorite spots to see in the city.

When it comes to museums and galleries; the best part comes at the end. Almost all entries are free, so you’ll be able to enjoy it without worrying about the price.

2. Festivals and Events

When it comes to celebrations, Canberra is the city that celebrates anything and everything with great festivals and events throughout the year.

During the month of September the city hosts Floriade, an awesome introduction to spring. The festivalis held in Commonwealth Park which is covered with tens of thousands of flowers in full bloom. If you want to experience more of Australia’s colorful and vast fauna, consider visiting the Australian National Botanic Gardens as well.

Another busy month in Canberra’s event calendar is March. The skies around the city and surrounding countryside are filled with color during the annual Canberra Balloon Spectacular. The events lasts 9 days and, it’s considered one of the biggest and best hot air ballooning events in the entire world.

Furthermore there’s Enlighten, a multi-day event where the Canberra’s national attractions open their doors after working hours to host a great variety of exclusive experiences. The event is held all over the city.

3. Good Food and Wine

Canberra is surely a dream city for the food lovers. Full of award-winning restaurants and cool cozy cafés, Canberra has an amazing food and wine scene.

Canberra’s restaurants are surely among the best ones in the entire country. There’s something for everyone’s taste: from fancy restaurants, through family-friendly diners and funky locals, there’s a great palette to choose from.

For those who enjoy their wine moments, they’ll be happy to know there are over 30 cellar doors located within 35 minutes’ drive from the city of Canberra. Book a wine tour in order to discover the sights and smells of the vineyards. Moreover, you’ll get the chance to taste gourmet food and wine pairings accompanied by the samples some of the region’s best wines.

After all that’s been written, you can see for yourself that there are more than plenty reasons to visit the vibrant city of Canberra; and these are just some of them. Choose Canberra as your destination and you surely won’t be disappointed. I hope you got all the information regarding Why Should you Visit Canberra. If you want more information then checkout our previous articles.

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