Namadgi National Park

All You Need To Know About Namadgi National Park

The Namadgi National Park is a wonderful protected area forming a part of the Australian Alps near Canberra. The Namadgi National Park offers a breathtaking view of mountains and bushland; as well as a lot of history for all those good story lovers. The pastoralists and gold hunters are believed to be the aboriginal people of the lands.  If that’s what attracts you, you’ll be able to take a walk through the dense vegetation with the Yerrabi Tracks alongside and observe the traces that are left by the traditional guardians of the surrounding lands. If you want to visit Namadgi National Park then you should know about all these amazing things of this park.

According to some sources, there can still be found remains of people who lived here during the last Ice Age. The native population of the Namadgi National Park are believed to be the Ngunnawal people. Therefore, the remains of their belongings such as stones and animal bones can still be found at their camping site. Stepping your foot on a place permeated with so much history is surely an experience! Furthermore, the ancient quarry sites are still present in the Namadgi National Park as well.The most logic explanation for the occurrence; is the fact that the Ice age population used those to collect stones for their tools.

The natural beauties of this park are such that it offers a vast collection of activities. Based on what we’ve told you thus far; we’ve chosen the top 3 activities to engage in while visiting this unique area.

1. Mount Franklin Road: Hike

The climb to those heights gives you a sense of power and freedom? If so, the Namadgi National Park is the perfect place for you. The huge Australian Alps are at its full bliss here; so there’s no better place for enjoying a good hike. However, make sure you hike accompanied by an expert, just to avoid unn3ecessary tragic events.

2. Lanyon Homestead: Take a Walk Through History

This homestead is quite a bit different from the usual homestead you come across. Lanyon Homestead is a historic property, around 6 kilometers distance fromNamadgi National Park. If you like places with good stories, full of things to see and find out; you should definitely visit Lanyon Homestead during your stay. This amazing place was built in 19th century and has thus witnessed many generations. Some of the families that have lived on the property in the past are; The Wright family, The Field family and The Cunningham family.

3. Booroomba Rocks Walk: Trek

If you’re more of a trekking person; this trail is located approximately 7 kilometers from Namadgi National Park. Booroomba Rocks is around two and a half kilometer long; which is actually an optimal length. Hiking through the rocks shouldn’t be too demanding; even for the novices; since it is just grade 3 when talking about the difficulty level. The overall experience of going through the outstanding forests with a clear Mountain View surrounding you is the definition of pure enjoyment. Walking isn’t just good for your both physical and psychological state; but it will fill you with the enthusiasm of experiencing the nature in its primal, most raw form. A proper once in a lifetime experience.

As you can see the Namadgi national Park really has a lot to offer; and we’ve tackled just some of the wonderful activities you can choose from. Be sure to visit this wonder of nature end experience it to the fullest; in all its glory. If you want to know more then checkout our previous articles.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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