Why E-Commerce is Sweeping Across the World

Shopping has been around since the Middle Ages and thanks to the digital revolution, online shopping has grown exponentially. In the early days, shoppers were wary of paying a total stranger in the hope that they would send the goods and it took a few years to change the consumer’s perspective. Then came the pandemic, which saw the die-hard bricks-and-mortar shoppers finally persuaded to shop online.

Here are a few reasons why e-commerce is growing at such an alarming rate.

  • Convenience factor – Let’s face it, you won’t find an easier way to shop than lounging in your armchair, with everything from Louis Vuitton handbags to sporting equipment, online stores make for convenient shopping. A secure online payment is all it takes for your order to be packed and shipped to your home address.
  • Lower prices – The online store doesn’t have to pay rates, nor does it have to hire shop staff and they pass a majority of the savings on to the consumer. You can save up to 40% on recommended retail prices when you buy online. Google is a great tool for hunting down bargains and it can take you to the best deals. Some online retailers boast that their prices cannot be beaten and if they are, they will pay you the difference.
  • Free delivery – Most online stores are happy to offer free delivery and in these days of rising fuel prices, that can save you a lot of money. 
  • Shop at your own pace – If you are one of those people who hates being bothered by pushy sales assistants, you will love shopping on the Internet. Browse at your leisure and only when you are sure, you can go to the checkout and a secure online payment will see the goods packaged and dispatched to your home address. Click here for tips on how to choose the right shoes for the office.
  • Global commerce – You are not restricted when you shop online, there are no frontiers or borders with the World Wide Web; which means you can order from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman.
  • Shop 24/7 – Forget regular opening hours when shopping online, you can shop until you drop! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping; if you can’t sleep, create a wish list and surf the web looking for bargains. Most e-stores have a same day delivery service Australia-wide, which is very handy.
  • High speed Internet – Today’s level of digital connectivity means you can shop with zero lag and know that your bank details are protected. 
  • Cyber-security – Your financial data is safe when you order from an established online store, thanks to bank-grade cyber-protection. The online consumer is protected by several insurances and should you be the victim of an online scammer, you should report this to the authorities.

There are many compelling reasons why e-commerce is taking the world by storm and if you have yet to shop online, now is the ideal time to get started!

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