How to Choose the Right Shoes for the Office

We invite you to get acquainted with the recommendations of stylists on what shoes to choose for the office.

We spend most of our time in the office, it is very important to think over your image from head to toe. Of course, shoes can say a lot about a person. In addition, properly selected shoes do not allow your feet to get tired during the working day and stay on your feet until the evening.

Any office dress shoes must meet two mandatory conditions: the first is its comfort and ease of wearing every day. There is nothing more important than comfortable shoes for the day. Of course, you can choose bright, beautiful high-heeled shoes for yourself, but this threatens not only with fatigue, but also with back problems and varicose veins, which may occur over time.

The second point – when you choose shoes for the office, it is important to remember that they should not be bright and evening in style. The task of shoes is to harmonize with your office style.

Choosing office shoes

Formal heels should be no more than 10 cm, the optimal length is up to 8 cm. A heel of this length makes the leg more feminine, stretches the silhouette and at the same time it is quite comfortable to walk on it.

In addition, you should choose shoes with a solid sole, when the heel merges with the toe. The effect is the same, but walking is much more convenient.

Thirdly, choose shoes made of genuine leather, they fit the foot well, do not deform over time and look high quality, solid and at the same time, such shoes are comfortable for the feet.

Fourth – choose expensive shoes. Don’t skimp on it. You should choose shoes to wear for half a year or a year, so the shoes will be a good investment for you and will take care of your feet.

Avoid shoes with straps, as straps are very tight on the foot. Accordingly, they are not comfortable to walk in, in addition, the straps visually cut the leg and make you look shorter.

What shoes should you avoid when buying?

First of all, shoes made of non-natural materials; secondly, shoes with bright accessories and details, as well as patent leather shoes that are not suitable for business style; shoes with excessively high heels or platform shoes, sports shoes or beach sandals.

Consider now a few options for shoes that you can wear to the office.

The first option is a classic and suitable for any woman – these are pumps.

For the spring-summer season, flesh-colored shoes are best suited, for the autumn-winter season – black. These shoes are quite comfortable, they are great for any set of clothes, and make your legs slim.

The second shoe option is loafers or moccasins. These shoes are perfect for fashionistas who want to look unusual. Not everyone wears these shoes. Loafers and moccasins can have different shapes and colors. It is best to focus on neutral colors: black, brown, gray, flesh.

The third option is ballet flats. It is best to choose leather ballet flats. They are comfortable and give a feminine look and go with any dress, skirt or trousers.

Men’s boots are suitable for active women who wear mostly trouser suits, they can be black with or without laces. They look good on tall women and go well with more feminine contrast blouses.

It is important to remember that the shoes that you wear, for example, to a wedding, to an evening event, to a restaurant, etc., cannot be worn to the office. It is important to separate the concepts of evening and day shoes.

Top 4 factors to consider when choosing shoes


Shoes should be in harmony with the image, even if they differ in color. Contrasts look good: blue – yellow, red – black, white – burgundy. A combination in one color scheme blurs the image. If you match blue shoes with a blue dress, take black ones.


It’s important not to overdo it. Red shoes for a black dress are good for a party, but not for the office, just like shoes “with everything at once” (with stilettos, with rhinestones, straps, etc.) are inappropriate either on a first date or in the office. But a pair with a decorative insert on the toe, black pumps with an unusual heel, boots with tractor soles can become the basis of everyday style. The main thing to remember: the accent in the image should be one.


Sports, classic, youth, evening – all are not listed. The desire to mix is ​​partly commendable: a strict dress with sneakers looks catchy. But the point is not only how to choose the right shoes for clothes, but also how to combine them with your style, position in society and age. In order not to look ridiculous, wear equals: sneakers with jeans, a business suit with pumps, an evening dress with high heels.


Wedges and rough soles, shoes with a rounded toe and an ankle strap, pantolets and slip-ons, colored sneakers and stocking boots just ask for your wardrobe. What to do? Of course, buy! Flipping through fashion magazines, reading how to match shoes to clothes, and not being afraid to try. Spring and summer are best suited for experimentation – bright prints, flying fabrics and optimism in full swing forgive betrayal of one’s style.

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