Why Do Some People Have A Foot Fetish?

The answer may be hidden in some banal situations from childhood. And while men are divided into those who love butts or breasts, we also have a third group – passionate feet lovers. Fascination with women’s feet can go so far that, according to a study from 2006, it is the most common of all fetishes in the world.

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So, What Is the Secret of Foot Fetish? 

Although women occasionally have a fetish for men’s feet, this is much more common for men. For example, a man from Arkansas, US, was arrested for “a series of incidents in which he allegedly approached women in stores, commented on their feet, and asked to lick their toes.” Seriously? Can you even imagine yourself asking someone that, let alone a stranger? According to the police reports, the suspect is 50-year-old, Michael Robert Wyatt. He, in fact, already served prison time for similar, ahem, “mischief.” Last time he pretended to be an orthopedist just so he could be near women’s feet. It’d be almost funny if it wasn’t so damn creepy.

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The Science Behind It

Foot fetishism, also called podophilia, is an increased sexual interest in feet and/or shoes. Yes, shoes too. Who knew that one, right? It’s the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts – says sex expert Colin Singer. Neurologist Vilainer S. Ramachandran believes that the feet and genitalia belong to similar areas in the brain. Or, to be more precise, the somatosensory cortex. That may explain why some people become sexually stimulated at the thought of feet. On the other hand, sociologist Desmond Morris says that foot fetishism develops from some traumatic event at an early age involving the feet.

On the other hand, Sigmund Freud believed that foot fetishes are based on the fact that feet resemble penises. It’s always about some sex stuff and penises with Freud, isn’t it? He should have written Game of Thrones.

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How Does This Fetish Even Start? 

Many adults with foot fetishes most likely trace it back to a childhood event, such as being tickled when they were simultaneously trapped and “sexually stimulated.” Parents often do this as nothing more than a game, but sometimes it turns out to be more than a game later in life. Others speculate that legs, like genitals and breasts, can be attractive simply because they are always hidden and rarely shown openly. Guess they don’t watch too much PornHub.

  • One day I just wanted to suck someone’s foot. At school, I noticed that my girlfriend has beautiful feet. Now it’s gotten even worse – to the point where I wouldn’t be able to date a girl who doesn’t have pretty feet and isn’t attractive to me. For me, this fetish is an essential part of foreplay, and it leads me directly to the real action. Feet must be clean – said one Reddit user.
  • Another user said it’s hard for him to control himself in the summer when his feet are out in the open. Another noted that sucking and massaging his feet gives him more pleasure than sex itself! I can have sex with someone I’m not in a relationship with, but still, I feel uncomfortable if that someone wants to massage my feet, and we’re not too close – says the user.
  • Imagine women going utterly naked without a shirt all summer long. Well, that’s how it is for us who have a foot fetish, especially in the summer – concluded one of them.

So what do you guys think? Is this type of fetish “normal,” as many believe, or still a taboo? Hell, even Freud, back in the day, thought it was totally fine. And we’re in the 21st century, so maybe not make a big deal out of it, huh? All of us have our preferences, and not just in sex. People like what they like, and why force them to change? Unless they’re hurting someone, of course. If you’re a predator, then hell yeah, we judge you! But if you only suck some sweaty feet, hey, go right ahead. Enjoy it. Just don’t forget to take off the socks first! It’d be like sucking titties over a bra. Doesn’t really seem that appealing, does it?

Anyway, be careful whatever you do sexually – stay safe, clean, and protected. Although, I don’t recall seeing a condom for toes. Oh well, use your imagination, then. Now go lick those sexy feet, you little beautiful fetishist. They won’t lick themselves, that’s for sure.
If you’d like to know more about foot fetish categories, make sure to read this article.

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