I Am Her Slave and This Is Our Anniversary of Slavery

I’m 36 years old, I have been married to my wife for 11 years, and I’ve been her slave for 10 years. After a year of marriage, we started living the femdom lifestyle. She is the Mistress, and I am her humble slave. We even officially signed the contract about my slavery. The contract also forbids me from calling her by her real name – only Mistress, Queen, or Owner are allowed.

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And now, since it’s been 10 years, my Mistress has decided to celebrate it. She organized a private party at our house. I had to take the children to her mother’s and clean the whole house, vacuum it, wipe the dust, and make everything shine. The Mistress ordered me to order a cake to prepare dinner and drinks for her and her guests. She dressed me in a sexy maid costume with lace stockings, put on heels, put on makeup, and painted my nails to look like a real submissive whore.

I’ve been wearing my chastity cage on my penis for over a few months now. And even a butt plug in my ass for the last few days.

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Anyway, I was ready to welcome Mistress’s guests and to serve them. I was given strict instructions on behaving and being obedient and humble. First came the Mistress’s cousin, then her colleague Maria, and then her other colleague from work. In the end, another colleague came whom I barely knew.

As my Owner entered, I bowed, welcomed, kissed her hand, and was humbled and honored because I was her slave. When they were all gathered, the Mistress stood up. She addressed them: “My dears, thank you for coming to celebrate this jubilee and anniversary together. My husband and I, that is, my slave and I, are celebrating the 10th anniversary of a relationship in which I am Mistress, and he is my obedient slave. In other words, I am his Queen, and he is my servant.”

They all applauded after my Queens’ address.

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“Now serve us a drink and bring us dinner, honey.” – She said. That’s what I did. First, I poured everyone a drink, and then in the dining room, I brought dinner to the table I had already set up. I asked them to come over and sit at the table to have dinner. I served dinner and stood aside so as not to disturb them but to be at their service if they needed anything. After eating, they returned to the living room and made themselves comfortable. I hurried up to serve them. I made coffee and poured drinks. The Mistress took her cigarettes, and I rushed over to light them for her. My Queen said that I was trained well and that it was wonderful that I was obedient and that all men should be like this, like me, her slave. So that the world would be better. Then Mistress pointed her finger and ordered me to kneel and kiss her heels. Without hesitation, I knelt down and kissed Mistress’s heels. When the other guests also took cigarettes, Mistress ordered me to light them too. I was again ordered to kneel. Queen put a mask over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything. Then there was the clink of straps and buckles. When they removed the mask from my eyes, I saw my Owner, her cousin, and another friend standing with artificial strap-ons. They were laughing madly and waving their fake penises in front of my face. I knew what was waiting for me. I took it up the ass like I’m supposed to as her property. I immediately went to take the Mistress’s fake dick in the mouth, but she said:  “No, no… First, you have to deserve it… Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Then I asked them to let me suck and lick their fakes. I promised I would be very obedient and humble and do everything to let me suck their rubber dicks. They laughed and said that if I satisfied them, I would earn it in the ass as well. I tried my best to satisfy them, so I sucked and licked their fake ones, constantly switching between them. The first, the second, and now the third. Thankfully, they liked it, and so did I. Then they pushed me across the table. So the Mistress took out my butt plug, lubricated my hole, and inserted her rubber penis inside me. I moaned… The other two took whips and started whipping me while the remaining two sat on the sofa and slapped me. After they finished playing and spreading my ass like wings, they ordered me to bring out the cake. I served the cake, and they put a piece on the paper for me to eat from the floor. Just as I bent down to eat, Queen’s cousin Maria stepped on the cake and ordered me to lick off her heels. They all laughed, but I did what I was told without question. After that, they decided to go on partying. They put me dressed like that in the car’s trunk, and they went out to a cafe. After a few hours of partying, they headed home. First, they took me out of the trunk and ordered me to kiss their feet right there in the parking lot. I had to be obedient because they threatened to leave me in the parking lot if they were unsatisfied. After that, we drove everyone home except for the hostess’s relative, who left the car with us. We came home; Mistress and her relative entered the house and sat down. I bowed and asked if they wanted anything else. They ordered me to kneel down and kiss their toes again. They took whips and whipped me again. The Mistress’s cousin went home, and I had to unpack everything and clean the house again. The Owner was satisfied, saying I did well that night as a slave, so she let me kiss her ass. After, we both fell asleep. I’ve never slept better for 10 years because I truly love her and love being her property. Some might not understand this type of relationship, but she loves me too. We’re just different. And proud of it.

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