Try It If You Dare: The Most Extreme Sex Poses

Most Extreme Sex Poses

When trying out these poses, keep an emergency number nearby. Each of the poses can lead to severe injuries but also explosive enjoyment. So, do you have enough courage?

What could be more fun than a combination of sex and danger, right? Extreme pleasure is sometimes dangerous, though, because you know what they say – too much of anything is never good. However, favorite SEX POSES reveal your darkest secrets! So beware if your favorite is “position 69.” If you have sex in this position, you will get TWINS!

This time, however, we’re not talking about the usual, advanced poses for experienced sexual exhibitionists but about something even more dangerous. Thus, these poses could lead to sprained ligaments, dislocated limbs and muscles, and a broken head (upper or lower, if you know what I mean) rather than a sensational orgasm. But you know how curious people are; they will try anything at least once. So, if you happen to be one of those adventurous people, try these poses at your own risk, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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How to perform the pose: Very simple. Your loved one poses as a bridge, and you ride it and have all the control in your hands.

Why the pose is dangerous: You could both break yourselves before you even get into this pose. One should be quite flexible or a gymnast, as they are on all fours with the belly up. It’s typically the guy that does this, though, because a male is stronger (usually, that is). Then all he can do is hope that his sweetheart doesn’t break his back or, better yet, dislocate his wrists or ankles.


How to do the pose: This pose is quite common. You lean against the wall, he lifts you by the hips, you wrap your legs around him, and he enters you without any problems. And that’s it… Surprise – it’s not! Now back away from the wall and try letting him hold you mid-air without resting on a solid surface.

Why the pose is dangerous: First of all, your partner has to be super strong (hence the pose’s name), and even if you’re the lucky one – the fact is that you’d both quickly break into a sweat, making things slippery. If, in a clinch of passion, one partner loses his grip or you slip out of his grasp, you could break his cock (if you slide down and he’s still inside you), and you could end up on the floor with a broken butt or even worse – the head. But hey, if everything goes well, it’s great exercise, better than a gym!

Five even more dangerous poses await you below. Dare you proceed?

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How to perform the pose: Your partner lies on his back. He pulls his knees to his chest, and you crouch and move above his buttocks as far as you can. You or your partner carefully point the penis down (towards you), get comfortable, and start “riding.”

Why the pose is dangerous: If there’s one pose almost guaranteed to break your cock, this one would definitely be right there at the top of the list. Even if you manage to do this, which is pretty impressive, BTW, because the hard penis is facing a completely different direction, just imagine a situation where you lose your balance. You roll onto your back. OUCH!!! Off goes his penis!


How to perform the pose: Remember how you used to play this game as a child? Well, you can play again, only not so innocently. But the rules are the same. You try to reach the most points while also trying to have sex in every one of those positions you take.

Why the pose is dangerous: You both need to have perfect balance, but you also need to have strength in your arms and legs. What can happen to you if your hands give out? You could fall flat on your nose or break your chin. And also, avoid doing this near a wall because if your loved one gets carried away, you could dive head-first into the wall.


How to do the pose: You lie on your back with your legs spread in the air. Your partner kneels in front of you and leans forward between your legs. As he penetrates you, your legs are on his shoulders.

Why the pose is dangerous: It looks pretty harmless, but it’s not. Your legs are pinned under his weight, leaving you in a pretty helpless situation. You can only hope it will be gentle and won’t overdo it and cause you to strain your back or pull a muscle.

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How to perform the pose: Similar to the bodybuilder pose! It’s just that he’s holding you behind the butt, and simultaneously, as he penetrates, he jumps up and down.

Why the pose is dangerous: Just like it sounds, the Pogo stick is a pose that could harm both you and your “sword.” Need I mention what could happen to you if someone loses their balance or lands wrong? You can only hope that there are no sharp objects nearby at the time.


How to do the pose: Obviously, very difficult. It takes a lot of strength in his arms and overall strength (especially abs) and flexibility to lift her up. Or… Maybe it would be easier if she lay on the bed on her stomach. He assumes the position underneath, she grabs his hands, and he lifts her up.

Why the pose is dangerous: Unlike the Titanic and the famous “I’m flying, Jack!” – this is incomparable. Where to even begin? Apparently, some people get turned on just by trying to do impossible poses. Who else would think of this and try it? Need I mention what could possibly go wrong? Given that his strength is the only thing keeping the woman in the air while she is strained and bent like a mermaid on the bow of a ship, the worst-case scenario would be this: the woman falls, gets a concussion, or breaks her collarbone, nose, or, surprise surprise, he breaks his penis in the fall…

So, which one of these are you gonna experiment with, if any? If you want something more “vanilla”, however, I’ve got you covered!

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