Why Do Some People Have A Foot Fetish

Everything You Need to Know About Foot Fetishes

The foot worship fetish is further divided into subcategories based on how the feet sexually arouse the fetishist. Since fetishism and sexuality have not yet been fully explored and are constantly developing and changing, we will probably discover new ones over time. Or become familiar with some already in use but not so widely that researchers would deal with them. Be that as it may, these are the ones that are reliably known to be represented and popular:

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  1. Dirty feet lovers are fetishists who only like dirty, sweaty, dusty, or otherwise soiled feet.
  2. In contrast to them, there are logically those who only like clean, fragrant feet, although at first, one would expect that all foot fetishists are like that, but they are not. Therefore, here too, there are various subcategories, such as those who like clean but sweaty feet, if sweat can be considered clean, that is.

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  1. The general fetishists who want to lick feet are probably the most common ones. Still, they are also divided into those who like to lick the whole feet or those who desire only heels or only toes, and then those who like to doodle only one toe, with the thumb being the most dominant compared to the remaining four. By the same principle, there are also those who are particularly attracted to their fingernails and how they look, whether they are painted or not.
  2. Feet lovers usually love to lick them and then tickle them, but there are also those who like to beat or slap them. Submissives like their partner to hit them with their feet or step on them, although this urge is much more common among those whose fetish is actually shoes, as we mentioned in the previous article.

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The most popular game among foot fetishists, without a doubt, is the foot job. And although many tend to use this term to refer to everything that’s been discussed so far, i.e., to compare it with podophilia, foot job represents its subcategory. It implies a clearly defined action that, in addition to the feet, also includes the penis, pejoratively called foot job. So, for those who still don’t understand this – a foot job is masturbation when feet are used instead of hands. And most men enjoy it, statistically about half of the podophiles. But believe it or not, a large number of women enjoy satisfying their partners in this way. Foot job techniques vary and can be found in numerous sex manuals and even within the Kama Sutra. Of course, it is also important here that the feet are neat unless the man wishes otherwise, and usually not. Because looking good during sex is important, and hardly any person likes to take risks with unclean sex. In addition, the partner for this game must be well-trained. Not only sexually but generally physically trained. Because whatever position she takes, she will have to put in a lot of effort in this game to give her man the same pleasure with her legs as with her hands. It is encouraging for her that the man she is giving a footjob is definitely a foot fetishist. So, the mere touch of her foot on his penis will probably excite him so much that he’ll cum like a volcano. If the man isn’t quite sure about this fetish game, the foreplay is of great help here. Moreover, sexologists apostrophize footjob as mandatory! Yes, you heard that right. Since the focus of sexual stimulation is on the part of the body that does not have the reputation of a sexual organ, it is necessary to create as much sexual tension as possible. Preferably before the very beginning of the specific action that this fetish entails. By the way, footjob does not have to be part of BDSM. In fact, most of those who like feet do not like S/M games. So, what does that actually mean, then? Read it here.

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