Why Did World Trade Center 7 Fall? An Exploration

Why Did the World Trade Center 7 Fall?

It’s been 16 years since 9/11, and a lot has changed. But still, the painful memory of the event is still in the minds of many.

9/11 was a peculiar event, and for a very important reason. It was the first time in decades that the US mainland was attacked.

Ever since the end of the Cold War, the US was seen as an undisputed world power. And being surrounded by 2 large oceans, the mainland seemed impenetrable.

That is until 9/11 happened.

So it’s not surprising that this tragedy has caused a mass freak-out. And it isn’t surprising that this event is at the core of many conspiracy theories.

In this article, we’ll be analyzing some of those theories. And we’ll try to get to the bottom of their validity.

But first, we need to look at some facts…

Who Took Responsibility for the Attack?

The mainstream accepts that the attack was Al-Qaeda’s responsibility.

In fact, Osama Bin Laden himself admitted responsibility (1). So we know that Islamic extremism was involved.

Yet, many conspiracy theories accuse the US government of being “partners in crime”. And that’s not improbable, since the CIA was responsible for creating Al-Qaeda.

As for the cause, the mainstream sees that jet fuel caused the buildings to collapse. But, conspiracy theories claim that the excuse is a lie. After all…

Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams…

That’s true. But, jet fuel can weaken steel beams.

You don’t need to melt steel beams, just to take down a skyscraper. All you need is weak steel, and the building collapses under its own weight.

Sources show that burning jet fuel produces enough heat to SERIOUSLY weaken steel (2).

So “jet fuel weakening steel beams” seems plausible. But that still doesn’t solve the accusations against the US government.

Were the CIA and Pentagon involved in 9/11?

And there’s also the question of Word Trade Center 7. Why did WTC7 fall, when it was hit by nothing?

Note that this was the only building not to get hit by aeroplanes. And it was the only building to survive the terrorist attacks… for a few hours…

So let’s start with WTC7.

WTC7: The Burning Debris.

Reports show that burning debris was responsible for the building’s fall (3).

Now, the situation was similar to the rest of the buildings, but not really. The buildings surrounding WTC7 collapsed from weakened steel. And the same causes destroyed WTC7…

But WTC7’s steel structure was not harmed by jet fuel. Instead, it was by ignited objects inside the building.

Apparently, some of the fire from the surrounding collapses had set the building on fire too.

The same reports show that the water sprinklers in WTC7 failed. And the emergency supply of water was destroyed when the surrounding buildings collapsed.

So the alarm system didn’t do its job here…

As for the CIA and Pentagon.

Back to government conspiracies.

The CIA and Pentagon are very calculated. If they were to plan 9/11, it wouldn’t be for the sake of show. And it wouldn’t be for the sake of sensationalism.

The motive would be to rile up masses for a big government decision.

Looking at the repercussions of 9/11, the theory seems plausible. 9/11 resulted in the Iraq War and the end of Saddam Hussein’s rule.

Regardless, 9/11 seems to be too much just to start a way. Does the US need to bomb itself to justify invading Iraq?

Nationalities of 9/11 Invaders.

FUN FACT: None of the 9/11 terrorists were Iraqi.

15/19 were Saudi Arabian. And the rest came from neighboring Arab countries.

This kills the theory of the Iraq War. Because if the CIA would orchestrate an Iraqi terrorist attack… then the terrorists should be Iraqi nationals.

And not Al-Qaeda supporters.

Speaking of Al-Qaeda, the CIA doesn’t need to attack the mainland, to justify a war on terrorism. Osama bin Laden was already on the FBI list before 9/11.

But, a government planned 9/11 might be used to draw attention to the war on terrorism.

Terrorism before 9/11.

Terrorism has been around since man learned to kill.

But in the US, terrorism wasn’t a big deal. Especially with the decades of calm after the Cold War.

The US mainland is a naturally peaceful location. There, a major terrorist attack is a big deal.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if 9/11 was government-orchestrated. It wouldn’t be surprising if 9/11 was meant to force attention on Islamic terrorism.

Because masses don’t care about politics abroad. They only care if their security is under threat.


The information we have is still not clear.

We can’t say for sure that the CIA is responsible for 9/11. And if it was, we doubt that the information will ever go public.

That would create so much instability in the US mainland.

But it just might. CIA or not, secrets have a habit of revealing themselves. And if the CIA was involved, the information will come out sooner or later.

We speculate that this’ll be decades into the future. You know… after 9/11 turns into a “history book” event.

But we can say that 9/11 marked the beginning of international war on terror. Government orchestrated or not, 9/11 brought religious terrorism to the world’s attention.



Main Image Source : Pixabay

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