Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory What If COVID 19 Is The Catalyst for The New World Order

Coronavirus Conspiracy Fact or Fiction

The Coronavirus or COVID 19 as it has become known has taken the world by storm, and in front of our eye destroyed the world order as we know it. Civil liberties no longer exist, police powers George Orwell could only have imagined,  people were afraid of each other. Also, reports their neighbours to authorise if they leave the house and much more erosion of society. Just to be clear, I believe the virus was a natural phenomenon, likely from the exotic mix of live beautiful animals tortured and sold in Chinese food markets, thus the combination causing a mutation transmittable to humans.  

Also, let’s be clear on one thing that’s not a conspiracy on how slow China was to react and to accuse Australia of being racist for closing our borders early. Thus shielding our nation from the brunt of the mayhem. So China lied and people died, I would argue is a fair statement and none conspiratorial. Most of my relatives live in the United Kingdom, a nation ravaged by the virus. The virus leads to the hospitalisation and eventual death of a good friend and the death of my Aunt. So yes, COVID 19 is very real to me. 

1. Coronavirus Conspiracy The Surrender of Rights

Never before in modern history have people been so willing to surrender their rights and freedoms in the name of security. We have had the bogeyman of terrorism for so long, and just as that seemed to settle, this new virus arose to keep us all in our place. The idea of lockdown and flattening the curve are perfectly sane and needed government tools. Also, enforcement of these makes sense. However, what we have seen is uneven approaches to this phenomenon, with one young lady and her mother fined for driving lessons, yet a cruise ship docked and infected our nation further also leading to many deaths yet nobody is accountable.

Also, our media has been plastered with beachgoers who seem to act with impunity. The UK showed a similar approach chasing dog walkers in the middle of nowhere with drones, while the London tube remained packed beyond all reason.

Thus what we have here reflects the dualities of two truths and both cannot be true, however, perpetual confusion is a tool utilised to ensure no one can be sure when or where the long arm of the law will fall. The erosion of rights and the seemingly willing population to hand them over has made it all too easy for the powers that be to implement, but we must ensure there is an exit strategy. Otherwise soon enough there will be mandatory phone tracking and cameras in your family homes to ensure social distancing.

2. COVID 19 Erosion of Rights

One of the scariest proposals I have heard is the idea of a COVID 19 passport, and they argue people who get the vaccine should be able to travel freely. While others who refuse this vaccine should remain restricted in their movements indefinitely. One way that’s been suggested is when the person gets the vaccine they could add a microchip that’s scannable to confirm they have the correct rights to travel, or some kind or additional ID. People are not cattle, and each individual should have the right to choose. There was a caveat in the suggestion that people who have immunity could also travel unvaccinated but would also require identification. 

How many rights are you willing to give up?

Ask yourself?

  1. Cashless society
  2. Microchipped
  3. Mandatory Vaccines
  4. Good reason needed to travel
  5. Restricted social gatherings
  6. Smartphone tracking of movement
  7. Huge fines for non-crimes


Here are just some straightforward yet already suggested ideas to help combat the coronavirus, but what happens when the virus ends? When it goes away when we have an effective vaccine what happens if they do not return these rights. Do we as a people roll over and conform or will a new political movement arise based on individuality, freedom, respect and mutual trust? We stand on the dawn of a new era which way it will go is up to every one of us.

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