Why Australia Must Become A Republic


Australia is a democratic country with a stable and well-established parliamentary system of government. However, some fundamental issues still need to be addressed for Australia to become a genuinely independent nation.

First and foremost of these is the fact that Australia is still technically under the rule of Queen Elizabeth II. Since becoming an independent nation in 1901.

Australia has been represented by a Governor General who acts in place of the monarch – but this has been done without any constitutional change or public vote.

The Australian Republic Movement was established in 1991 to end this system and instigate Australia’s transition into a fully independent republic; their goal has yet to be achieved, but their work continues today as they push for change within Australian society.

This article highlights some of the reasons why Australia must become a republic.

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The Australian Republic Movement.

The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) is a non-partisan organization that aims to build support for a republic in Australia.

The ARM was founded in 1991 by Malcolm Turnbull, who later went on to become Prime Minister of Australia.

The ARM is a grassroots movement campaigning for an Australian republic since the 1990s. It has attracted many members from the political spectrum and includes high-profile supporters.

It has unified the citizens of Australia over the years and has immersed a large following who all want Australia to be independent of the monarchy.

Gain a Stable System of Governance.

Australia has a constitutional monarchy. This means that Australia still has ties to Britain and the British crown, but it does not mean Australia is ruled by Britain or the Queen.

The Governor General is appointed by the Queen on the advice of our Prime Minister and serves as her representative in Australia. In this role, he/she has some powers (e.g., appointing various judges), but not all of them (e.g., passing laws).

For a vast majority of Australians, the monarchy is a bit shaky system of governance, as seen in countries in the middle east where monarchial rule is still practiced.

They see republics, such as the United States, as having a more stable form of government, with the president as the head of state.

In Order to Thrive as a Republic.

Australia is still not a republic. A referendum was held as a push for Australia to become a republic in 1999 but failed.

The monarch has always been represented by the Governor-General, and thus their will has always been exercised through this post; therefore, monarchists would like the current system to remain unchanged.

The monarchy should be a focus for Australia; if we’re going to have one, then let’s make sure that our focus moves on from just looking backward at historical events to looking forward with excitement about what comes next for this great country.

For example, being a democratic nation where we can elect our government, from the top position of power to the lowest.

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To Remove the Governor General Position.

The Governor General is a monarch’s representative and intermediary between the monarch and the Australian people.

The position of Governor General was created to provide an official, ceremonial head of state when the monarch was not present in Australia.

The Governor General is appointed by the monarch after thorough vetting in a process known as “advising his Majesty” (or her Majesty).

He/She is in charge of passing regulations in parliament, selecting the prime minister, and conducting elections for Australia.

The Governor General has little direct political influence but can be called upon to exercise reserve powers if required.

This includes assenting to legislation for royal assent and making appointments to government positions, including ministers and judges.

This role also involves representing Australia overseas on occasions such as opening parliament, hosting visiting dignitaries at receptions, or attending military ceremonies such as Anzac Day parades.

To be able to Amend the Constitution.

The Australian Constitution is the supreme law of our nation. It can only be amended by referendum and represents a document that defines the structure of government and the powers of government. The Australian Constitution is a living document that must change with societal changes.

The Constitution provides protection for individual rights such as freedom of speech and religion, equality before the law, trial by jury, entrenchment against arbitrary detention or exile; due process; privacy; freedom from random search and seizure; freedom from slavery; freedom from discrimination on grounds including race or gender; religious freedom; free movement within Australia (including migration), free trade between states.

The current Constitution was made long ago in the monarchial era, with a traditional set of principles. This will change as soon as Australia becomes a republic to update some laws and constitutional rights.

To Elect a New President for the People.

The current system of appointing the head of state is outdated and undemocratic. It removes any power from the people to have input into who represents them at the highest level.

By creating a republic where the head of state is elected by popular vote, Australians can choose their own leader.

This would give them more power over how they live, rather than having a foreign monarch who also represents another nation’s government.

By electing their own president directly and having a say in who becomes head of state, Australians can make decisions as they see fit for their country instead of being dictated by others.

They could elect someone who represents their core values and beliefs or choose someone based on personal preference.

Either way, it would improve what we currently do now because it would give us more control over our lives, not just now but also in future generations when those same children grow up wondering why Australia has never had its own democratically chosen head of state.

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Remove the Monarchial Rule.

Monarchy is a governance system that is no longer relevant, and it has been replaced by modern democracy, which gives the people power over their own government.

The monarchial rule of Australia’s head of state is not representative of our needs and does not give us what we need for a prosperous country.

We cannot become an independent republic until we have removed this outdated system from our Constitution and our lives forever.

The monarchial rule is outdated and should be removed from Australian law because it makes no sense to have an obsolete system when there are better ways to do things today.

To Achieve Representative Democracy.

To achieve representative democracy in Australia, the country must become a republic. The present system is not working because the people of Australia do not have complete control of its government and its affairs.

The current system gives excess power to one person, usually from England or another country outside Australia.

The monarchial rule has been in place for hundreds of years, and it does not benefit the people of Australia. This needs to change so we can finally gain complete independence and have our own president who represents us equally without bias or preference towards any particular societal group.

Australia Should Be a Republic for the Good of its People.

Australia has a great history of democracy, making it the ideal country for joining several other nations to become a republic.

The Australian Republic Movement is the best way to achieve this goal by educating people about why Australia must become a republic and how they can help make that happen.


Ultimately, it’s a matter of democracy. The people of Australia have the right to vote for their head of state. We must ensure that all Australians have this right to remain a modern, progressive nation.

The current system is outdated and relatively traditional; it needs to be changed so that all Australians can have their say on who leads them into the future.

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