Australia Must Now Become A Republic


Australia Must Now Become A Republic – It is still hard to comprehend that Queen Elizabeth II passed. Her Majesty has served with grace and dignity for nearly seven decades, and she has been a just and honorable leader throughout her tenure.

In Australia, her demise comes at a time when there is a strong push for independence from the British empire.

This is not just about changing our monarch – it’s about preparing for a new future as an independent nation.

The arguments in favor of keeping the monarchy on as Australia’s heads of state have always been based on history rather than logic or reason.

She was our queen; she is from another country; and so on. And now, due to her demise, this argument becomes even less convincing than ever.

Time for Australia to Cut Final Ties With Britain

It’s time for Australia to cut final ties with Britain by picking a new head of state. Australia is no longer a colony of Britain, but we do have our own identity now. We need to be independent of Britain and the Commonwealth, which will happen if we pick a new head of state.

Australia has a somewhat shaky association with the monarchy. As a part of the Commonwealth reigned over via way of means of the British Royals, the monarchy has remained a connective thread in Australian lifestyle for a reason from the time of European invasion to the prevailing day, even after Australia became a free state in 1901.

However, because the contemporary monarchy has held an ever-extra tenuous grip on its relevance, turning into a collection of mascots rather than real wielders of power, the question is now: will we actually need a monarch?

Call for a Referendum.

It is not just that the queen will be succeeded by a different monarch: she may be succeeded by someone who lives in London.

Australians haven’t been formally asked this question since 1999 when there had been a referendum over whether or not the Constitution must be amended to make Australia a republic.

Just over 50% of Aussies – 54% to be exact – voted to maintain Queen Elizabeth II because the nation’s head of kingdom in preference to adopting a brand new machine of presidency wherein a president could be decided on with the aid of using the ruling authorities, similarly to the high minister selected.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been well-favored with the aid of using the Australians in view that her first legit experience to visit in the 1950s, the primary monarch in records to go to this far-flung nook of the previous empire.

However, there has long been an offer that the recognition and love received by the queen won’t always trickle down her successor, King Charles III.

Even Governor-General David Hurley, the monarchy’s consultant in Australia, has formerly stated that there’s probably to be a renewed interest in separating from the Crown in the wake of the queen’s death.

Ideally, the eventuality of Australia turning into a republic is already in motion, with high minister Anthony Albanese appointing an assistant minister for the republic, the maximum conspicuous movement to disentangle Australia from the royal crown circle of relatives in more than 20 years.

The Push For an Australian Head of State.

Australia, a country built on values and the pursuit of fairness, thus should have a head of state who reflects our values. Instead of being ruled by an unelected foreign monarch, Australia should choose its own head of state.

Our new Australian head of state would be chosen by the people and appointed by parliament. This person should be an Australian citizen, not born in Britain or any other country.

They could be a woman or man, young or old—a symbol for all Australians to look up to and admire as they lead us into our future as one nation under God.

The head of the state system is not transparent, and the current system does not reflect the people’s will.

A more transparently elected head of state would not only break colonial-era links but also offer a symbol of national unity at a time when the country needs it most.

The current system is archaic, undemocratic, and unfair. The current system does not reflect Australia’s diversity or its population size – this is reflected in Australia’s growing inequality between metropolitan areas and regional towns, and rural regions.

Which have been left behind economically by centralized government policymaking over many decades now with little hope for change coming from Canberra anytime soon.

The Push by the New Generation of Australians.

The new generation of Australians has grown up with the internet and an international perspective. Media and culture globalization has changed how we communicate, research, and share information.

In fact, most young people are now multi-lingual or at least speak multiple languages. They recognize that a multicultural country like Australia must consider this changing world when making decisions about its future by becoming a republic.

A Republic Would Honour the Wishes of our Founding Fathers.

Australia’s founders were highly influential in their work to establish a new society. Australia was the first country to be designated as a Commonwealth and has many republican elements incorporated into its Constitution.

By becoming a republic, our country will be able to celebrate its multiculturalism and democracy. Furthermore, it would allow us to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of being Australian.

It would also be an opportunity to celebrate our history by holding ceremonies and festivals marking indigenous Australians who lived here long before Europeans settled in Australia.

Becoming a Republic is a Symbol We are All Equal.

A republic would be an important symbol for indigenous Australians that we’re all equal. A genuinely democratic Australia would be one where everyone is treated as equals.

No one should be discriminated against or have their rights or freedoms taken away because of who they are.

The monarchy has never been a symbol of equality in this country. It never will be – especially when you consider all the injustices inflicted upon our first peoples over the centuries by those in power using their influence to enforce racist policies on us.

Being a republic could help us move forward as a nation and create better relations between different groups within society while also allowing us to focus more on creating positive change at home rather than always looking abroad.


Our country is ready for this. It’s time for us to rise and become a nation in our own right, which means leaving the Commonwealth and becoming a republic.

We need an Australian head-of-state who reflects the values of fairness, openness, multiculturalism, and equality that make Australia a great place to live.

A republic would help us come of age as a nation. We have not yet broken free from the British Empire, and it’s time for us to do so if we wish to be an independent nation. Only then can we truly celebrate who we are as a nation.

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