The Time Is Now For An Australian Republic


Australia was born as a nation on 1 January 1901. The time has come for us to shed the last vestiges of our colonial past and become the republic we were always meant to be.

As a nation that prides itself on its democratic values, it’s high time Australia got rid of its last colonial holdover.

The Queen is head of state, but since her recent passing, the time has never been better for Australia to break free from the monarchy in Britain. This article emphasizes why Australia is finally ready to be a Republic after years of trying.

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Australia is Ready to be a Republic

In the 21st century, Australia is ready for change. The Australian monarchy has no place in modern society, and its role as a colonial power should be replaced with the Australian Republic.

The time has come to remove this outdated system from our country. The monarchy belongs to another era when Australia was first colonized by Britain, and New South Wales became part of the British Empire.

It’s time for us to of our own be the sculptors of our own destiny as Australians, free from outdated traditions and practices which have no place in modern society.

The time is right to make this a reality. Australians are ready for change, and there is a growing demand for an Australian head of state.

The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) has been campaigning since the early 1990s, and we are now closer than ever before to making this happen.

The ARM believes that Australia should be governed by its own elected representatives, with our own head of state – someone who reflects our values and inspires pride in our country.

A republic would achieve this by reflecting Australia’s sovereignty in the form of an Australian citizen as head of state rather than being represented by Britain’s monarch who lives overseas and is not subject to scrutiny here in Australia.

Australia’s Head of State Should be of Australian Roots.

In a republic, the head of state should be chosen by Australians. The most obvious way to achieve this is to have an Australian citizen-elected president who serves for a fixed term.

This idea is so common sense that it has been put forward by all sides of politics at different times, yet no government has dared put it into practice because they are afraid of upsetting the Queen.

The current imperial system means that we do not need a lot of pomp and ceremony around our head of state.

However, there should be some kind of ceremony when Australia gains independence from Britain: perhaps a public holiday or inauguration day where we celebrate being our own country?

The Path to Electing a Real Head of State.

Australia is ready to have a real Head of State elected by the people. A national poll conducted by Research Now in October 2018 found that.

A good number of the majority want an Australian head of state appointed by Parliament, not a foreign monarch appointed by our prime minister.

Only a tiny percentage supported the current model of establishing a foreign monarchist as Australia’s Head of State.

This means it’s time for Australia to become fully independent and go down the road towards becoming a republic – with an Australian citizen as our head of state.

Australians want a republic where our head of state is chosen by the people and not appointed by outsiders.

The people must have a President who has power over all three arms of government and is elected by the people. He or she will be able to stand up for Australia, as well as being able to represent us on the world stage.

We need this because we need to change how our current system operates so that it’s fair for everyone in Australia.

We also need change so that all Australians have access to equal opportunities, including best-practice education, health care services, and aged care support when needed.

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Representation by an Australian Head of State.

When it comes to the monarchy, Australia is behind the times. We have an antiquated system of government that does not respect our democratic rights.

The late head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, was a British royal who did not live here and had no connection to Australia or its people. In addition to this, she did not represent everyone in this country: there are many Australians who did not support her reign over us.

In a time when we are more connected than ever through technology, news, and social media, it’s time for us all to be represented by someone familiar with modern-day life in this country.

As citizens, we should be able to choose our leaders who represent our hopes and dreams for Australia and their passions for what they want our nation to achieve together in the future.

Last Colonial Power in Australia – The British Monarchy.

The British monarchy is the last colonial power in Australia, and it must go. The monarchy has no place in the 21st century or even our modern world, and it’s a relic of the past that has no position in contemporary Australia.

The British monarchies are royals who make decisions about how to run our country based on their own whims and fancies.

They give minimal thought to what Australians want or need from their government. Instead, those in power make decisions based purely on how they think it should be done as opposed to how we want or need it done.

This is especially true when it comes to climate change, terrorism, and immigration policy, where we can see clear examples of this happening daily.

There are many other reasons we should end this outdated system, but these three will give you an idea as to why I firmly believe the Australian Republic needs to be created.

The Fate of the Royals in Britain.

The royals, who are unelected heads of state, are not representative of the Australian population. A monarchical system is based on Western elitism – the idea that there is a “natural order” in which some people are born to rule over others.

The problem with this system is that it doesn’t reflect Australia’s multicultural society or even its working class; it reflects only a select few groups within society who have been able to climb their way up through privilege and connections.

This isn’t to say that all members of these groups know how lucky they are – there are plenty who don’t.

But whether you agree with me or not, I think it’s essential for us as Australians to question how we want our country represented worldwide by our head of state.

Do we want someone who represents us all? Or do we want someone whose sole purpose is just another symbol of colonial rule?

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It is Either Now or Never.

Australia is still a constitutional monarchy in the developed world, and it’s time to get rid of it. A prosperous republic will lead to a more democratic, inclusive, and modern Australia.

It’s no secret that our current system has failed us. The political process is broken at state and federal levels, with a lack of accurate representation for Australians being one of its most significant issues.

This is why we need to become a republic so that all Australians can have a say in their country’s future.

The prosperous Australian Republic will be able to represent all Australians rather than just those who are born into privilege or lucked out by circumstance.

It will also ensure that our laws are made by us, not appointed from overseas, giving us control over our own destiny once again.


The time is now for the Australian Republic. This is the time to make Australia a genuinely democratic nation, with a head of state who reflects our values and has the power to serve as a moral compass for our country.

We can no longer afford to be tied to Britain’s past and its current political climate. Change is needed, and needed now — so let’s make it happen.

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