White Vanity Options: Your Guide to a Stunning Bathroom

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the home, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain. People often focus on ensuring this room fulfills the necessary function while never stopping to consider its visual appeal. Don’t make this mistake. An attractive bathroom can change the entire feel of a home.

Many people today choose a white vanity for the bathroom. Sticking with a neutral color allows them to update the room regularly simply by changing accessories. When shopping for a white vanity, what should a person consider?

Size Matters

Never look at options for a white vanity until the available space is determined. It’s very upsetting when a person believes they have found the perfect vanity only to learn it will not fit in the space. When taking these measurements, complete the process twice to ensure mistakes aren’t made.

People often forget to include door clearance when taking these measurements along with the countertop overhang. Not all countertops extend beyond the vanity. However, if the countertop will be bigger, the measurements must account for this. Otherwise, the vanity may not fit as expected, which can throw the entire project timetable off and lead to it coming in over budget.

Dress It Up

The vanity may be white, but that doesn’t mean other parts of the bathroom need to be white as well. Offset a white vanity with a breathtaking faucet or add some colorful accessories in the form of a toothbrush holder and soap dish. Door knobs and drawer pulls can take an average white vanity and make it extraordinary in a matter of minutes. Add a plant to the vanity and bring the beauty of nature indoors. The ideas are endless, as the vanity serves as the perfect foundation for any decorations the owner wants to use.

Storage Options

At one time, pedestal sinks were the rage. However, people quickly realized this sink limited the storage available in the room. When looking at white vanities, determine how much storage is needed and what type. Some homeowners want lots of drawer space and others feel shelves best fit their needs.

A vanity with open shelving and an enclosed space looks great in any bathroom, but a person might want a drawer where they can tuck a tip-out tray to hold their rings and other accessories. Storage is a must in any bathroom, so consider the many options when purchasing a vanity.

Single or Double Vanity?

Many couples today prefer to have their own space in the bathroom. They don’t like sharing a sink or countertop with their significant other. If there is space in the bathroom for a double vanity, consider going this route. The one drawback to dual sinks is the second sink takes up valuable counter space. Some couples find this to be acceptable while others prefer to share one sink and reclaim the counter space.

When redoing a bathroom, spend more time planning the updates than is needed to actually implement them. People who so so find the finished project to be everything they envisioned and more. While some homeowners feel the choice of vanity isn’t important, it is.

This feature takes up a large portion of the overall space and serves as a focal point. The wrong choice can spell disaster for the entire room, so spend time comparing all options to find the right accessory. The time spent will be worth it when the vanity takes the room from ordinary to extravagant.

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