Top 10 Australian Things to do 2023

10 Things You Must Do When You Are Travelling To Australia

Australia is fabulous and beautiful. This huge continent-size place is full of wonders. From magnificent beaches to stunning view of Sydney, there are so much to explore that you will need to spend a lifetime on it. The beautiful Melbourne to remarkable sights and breath-taking experiences, Australia has it all!

 There are so many fun things in Australia that there is no other destination best for backpacking other than this one. However, you need to make your bucket list first if you truly want to enjoy your backpacking experience.

Let’s discuss the top ten things you must do when you are travelling to Australia 

1.   Drive Through the Great Ocean Road

Drive through the Great Ocean Road Top 10 Australian Things to do 2020

The Great Ocean Road is one of the magnificent spots in Australia when you are travelling by road. This road is 151-miles-long and is known as the world’s best road. The scenic beauty of islands and creeks when you travel through this road is extraordinary.

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2.   The Graffiti Lanes of Melbourne

Melbourne is full of graffiti alleys and imaginative streets. The explosion of insignia, talent and art make this place a jaw-dropping view especially when you see it for the first time. It is one of the best places to visit and take awesome photos.

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3.   Tasmania Food Trip

Tasmania is famous for its local food. From fish and wines to special chocolates and tasty cheese cuisines, you will find everything here. So, don’t forget to pay for a food trip to this place when you visit Australia.

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4.   Queen Victoria Shopping Haul

Queen Victoria is the best place in Australia for shopping. It is highly affordable and is one of the busiest tourist spots for shopping. Moreover, it provides you a distinctive shopping experience. You will find many cultural items in this market as well.

5.   St Kilda Pier’s Penguins Sight

If you are a wildlife-fanatic, then St Kilda Pier is the best destination for you. You can watch sunset sitting at its peak which is an experience to remember. Moreover, there are plenty of baby penguins you can find over here.

6.   Try the MCG Cricket Match

Are you a sports lover? Head over to MCG to witness a cricket match. This huge stadium will not only offer you a great sight but you will also get a chance to interact with many locals over here.

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7.   The Smallest Yet Magnificent Town of Australia

Can you guess the population of the smallest town in Australia? Surrounded by Alpine national park, this ghost town has no population at all. This beautiful town is full of greenery, cool breezes, and scenic beauty. Moreover, you will also find a wooden hut which was built back in 1865. There is also a camping area over here and various remains from the history.

8.   Sydney Opera House

One of the famous buildings in Australia is the Sydney Opera house. The unique aspect of this building is that it is remarkable from every angle. However, if you want the best view of this building, then try it from the Botanical Gardens. The amazing view of the massive Harbor Bridge and opera house is simply breathtaking.

9.   Fireworks

Australia is also famous for its fireworks. If you visit this mesmerizing country, then don’t forget to witness the spectacular fireworks at the Darling Harbor. Moreover, Darling Harbor is also the loveliest area in Sydney. You can step out anytime and enjoy the beautiful streets of Darling Harbor. Every week, you can get a chance to witness the fireworks at this place.

10.  Surfing

Visiting Australia and not experiencing surfing is not cool at all. Moreover, it is also a part of the Aussie culture. Bondi Beach is one the nicest one for surfing. It is also Australia’s most popular beach. Thus, don’t forget to try surfing and experiencing BBQs at Bondi Beach in Australia.

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