Woke vs Politically Correct

Difference Of Woke and Politically Correct

The politically correct (PC) world has a serious problem. It is a world that has been dragged through the mud by the extreme left, who has used it as a weapon to brand anyone who disagrees with them as racist, homophobic, or sexist. They have turned a movement of acceptance into one that is anything but — and it’s about time people woke up to what is happening.

Being aware and curious about the facts is not just “what’s real,” it’s how we collectively make the world better. And, in 2017, Webster’s dictionary officially added both “woke” and “PC” as new words.

Woke means so much more than just being aware of events in the news, it also holds connotations of being concerned with social justice and equality.

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Politically Correct and Woke are not synonyms, but they are related concepts. While political correctness involves a focus on avoiding words and phrases that might cause harm to others; woke people seek a balance between respecting their own identity and those of others. However, beyond these basic distinctions, there is no clear difference between being politically correct and being woke.

People made fun of political correctness for in some manner punishing those who upheld damaging preconceptions about races or other behaviors. Being Politically Correct and Woke involves being conscious of one’s behavior and how it affects others. When this kind of awareness is applied across society, it’s a force for good. But when it’s applied only by elites — whether they’re politicians or media figures — it can become a tool for denying people their rights and oppressing them.

Being woke doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything everyone else says, but it does mean you’re aware of your privilege and the way society functions around you. It means speaking up against oppression when you see it — even if it makes you feel vulnerable at first.”

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Being “woke” entails acknowledging the truth that impoverished people in America are being killed every day by resource allocation inequality and that people of color suffer more obstacles in their “Search for Happiness.”

A language is a powerful tool that impacts not only how we think but also how we interact with others. Punctuated with the right words, it can elicit different emotions and bring people together. While poorly sited words may be followed by sad faces, they are rarely as bad as when spoken by someone who should know better.

A majority of Americans believe that the spread of political correctness has caused people to be more careful with their words, and a quarter thinks that it’s gone too far. The First Amendment protects our right to freedom of speech. But what if we had no such right? Would saying things that others may find offensive be outlawed? Political correctness is not threatening our freedom; it’s just an expression designed to define correct etiquette in our society though!

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Language is something that we all need to constantly make sure about. We as a society should be embracing positive change, rather than fear change. If we aren’t careful, we could run the risk of losing our humanity, and end up becoming another consumer-battling, technocrats-loving machine. We all believe that qualities like kindness, acceptance, alertness, curiosity, as well as boldness, are things to aspire to to be politically correct and “woke.” Once you make up your thoughts and heart to always act morally and to the top of your abilities, it becomes a quest that never ends.

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