What to Do With Empty Cigar Boxes?

5 Best Simple Methods To Re-Use Empty Cigar Boxes

Cigars and cigarettes have one significant similarity – they both have a tobacco filling. However, generally, that’s where the similarities stop.

Cigars come in different types of boxes. These boxes are either made of wood, cardboard, or paper, perhaps you’ve transferred all your best cigars to a humidor and now have a lot of boxes left over. However, the question that arises is that can these boxes be reused?

DIY is a popular term on the internet these days and it stands for do it yourself. The name itself is self-explanatory, which means you basically use the items you possess and either rebuild or modify them. And, it may be difficult to believe, but even cigar boxes can be DIY-ed with a lot of success. Here’s how.

1. Jewellery Box

If you have a wooden cigar box lying around the house, you can upcycle it and make a jewelry box out of it. For example, if you make a jewelry box for rings, you can wrap any material around small foam tubes and then just set them in the box – and voila, your ring holder is ready. You can put your rings in between the foam and find them easily in one place.

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2. Small Shelves

You can get rid of the lid of the cigar box and use it as wall decor. You can hang the lidless boxes sideways so that the back of the box sits against the wall. You can take different packages and arrange them in the order you want. To add a stylish touch, you can decorate the back of the shelves with patterns or wallpapers. This way, you can create a wall of small shelves to place small decoratives to personalize the whole project. If you want to see more woodworking projects for beginners, make sure to give The Tool Scout a visit!

3. Storage Box

Everyone has small things lying around the house that either creates a mess or becomes the reason you lose track of items. You can utilize cigar boxes and turn them into storage boxes for little things to avoid such problems. You can make them look decorative or hide their damage by covering them with colored duct tape or painting them. This way, you’ll have a colorful way of keeping track of the little paraphernalia you own.

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4. Keyholders

You can make a key holder out of your cigar box. If it isn’t damaged, you can use the wooden box as it is. If the container is scratched or otherwise, you can decorate it a bit using paint. Next, proceed to drill holes via a drill machine and add adequately-sized decorative screw hooks. Once you’re done, simply add as many keys as you want to your brand-new (almost!) keyholder.

5. Gift Boxes

Cigar boxes also make great gift boxes – if you put in the right effort. You can use paint, washi tapes, wrapping paper to cover the cigar box’s exterior and complete the whole look with some colored satin ribbons.


DIY projects are fun, constructive, and can help you reduce the clutter building up in your house in a stylish way. Empty cigar boxes can be modified to create a number of useful objects with a little time, some supplies, and a little bit of creativity.

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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