Why Does My Cat Lick and Bite Me?

Peculiar Behavior of Cats That Makes Them Lick and Bite the Owner

It is no secret that cats are high maintenance, so being a cat owner is an acquired taste in itself. Of course, they’re super fuzzy and fantastic to have around the house, but they can also indulge in some pretty weird behaviour now and then.

One moment you’re petting them, and they’re reciprocating the love by licking you. Next thing you know, your animal is chewing on your arm. If you have been a cat parent for some time, you already know that this is not a one-time thing!

Naturally, you can’t ask your cat why it does what it does. The best you can do is guess. While this act may seem shrouded in mystery, it can mean something you would never have imagined. While you could use a chihuahua muzzle that might be a little odd so first, let’s see how cats communicate with their human owners.

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Cat Language

Since words are obviously out of the picture, cat owners look to body language to judge what their pet’s trying to say. If your kitten snuggles in your arms, it could either mean that it’s cold or simply that it’s decided to show you some love. Contrarily, if you spot it walking around with its tail raised, it is a clear sign of domination.

This behaviour is pretty standard in situations where cats feel threatened by other animals and want to mark their territory. In the same vein, licking could be because of various reasons, and when a bite follows it, it may just be because you accidentally scared them.

A Deeper Dive into the Feline World

While you can never be entirely sure why your cat licks you, it’s usually marked as a positive behavior. In the animal world, felines lick themselves and their kittens for grooming. When tamed animals get used to a human environment, they tend to treat you like one of their own.

However, if your cat is always licking you, it can possibly mean that there’s bad news. Maybe it’s sick, or perhaps it’s stressed; in any case, if you notice that your cat is acting compulsively, paying a visit to the veterinarian doesn’t hurt.

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More often than not, if your cat bites you after a long session of licking, it’s because of overstimulation. Animals love to be petted, but they need their space too. Sometimes humans can be a bit too mushy and end up caressing their feline more than it wants. Verily, if your cat tends to bite you while you’re petting it, stop immediately and notice if the behaviour continues. If it doesn’t, you have your answer. When this happens, make sure to allow your feline some alone time. Or simply refrain from scratching it while it’s on you; animals like to perch themselves on soft surfaces, and human’s do a great job at being a living and breathing sofa!

Nevertheless, if the biting happens when there is no petting involved, and they feel more like harmless nibbles, it’s probably because your cat is playing with you! Rest assured, this isn’t something that should raise a red flag.

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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