What are The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Visiting Australia?

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Are you planning a trip down under in 2020? We are going to list some of the biggest mistakes people make when they visit Australia for the first time. Keep in mind that we are talking about the world’s most beautiful and largest nations to avoid these pitfalls.

Ask Where Is Starbucks

Australians are coffee snobs and when you ask for a Starbucks that is a downright insult to their brilliant coffee. Aussies do not like coffee they love it and are extremely serious about it. The population in Australia is hugely multicultural with all nations including Lebanese, Greeks, Italians and more hugely impressed on the Aussie palate on damn great coffee. Starbuck didn’t take off as we value and love great coffee. Independent coffee shops with excellent baristas are where you get your coffee at.

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Australians are big on non-smoking and when you come from a European country, you will be shocked. Here you have plenty of rules and regulations about smoking. If you have children in your car, you cannot pop out of a restaurant or café and lit up, as you can’t smoke within three meters of the exit or entrance. Believe it or not, there are smoke-free beaches and what’s more, there are even entire suburbs that are smoke-free.

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Ride a Bicycle Without a Helmet

You don’t have to wear a helmet when you are in the NT on a bike or footpath, but anywhere else when you rent or buy a bike, you will be fined on the spot when not wearing a helmet.

Foreigners are often underestimating Australia and think we are a small island. They book a week’s holiday in our country and think they will see and experience the entire country from side-to-side and criss-cross. That is a huge mistake as it is close to the size of the United States.

Disregard Australian Prices

There is no other way to put it: Australia is expensive. Visitors to Australia are shocked when they arrive to find that they a grossly underbudgeted. When you plan to travel and see the top cities, keep in mind that we have some of the world’s most liveable cities with prices to match. A low-priced meal without drinks will cost in the region of $30 while alcohol is extremely expensive. On the upside, you are not expected to tip as our minimum wage is high.

Scared of the Wildlife

People who are scared of Aussie wildlife have watched Crocodile Dundee once too many. They hear Australia and conjure images of spiders, snakes, other venomous critters, and more. It is far from true, as you will only encounter wildlife like koalas and kangaroos in national parks and outside city limits. If you encounter a dingo or other wildlife in the wild, leave them alone and they will leave you alone too.
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Underestimating the Australian Sun

Foreigners see Australians with great tans and think “wow” I want to be as tanned. That is a mistake, rather overdo sunscreen instead of under-applying it. Due to the closeness of Australia to the hole in the ozone layer, we get extraordinarily high ultraviolet radiation levels.

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Not Familiarizing Themselves with The Seasons

When you come from a different country like the US for example, it is the opposite to us. When we have summer, they have winter. Throughout the different parts of Australia, the weather also varies. If you arrive in Sydney in June, forget about hitting the beaches. The winters are also colder in the Southern States of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Up north in the tropics and Cairns, the winter is, on the other hand, dry and mild while the summer is marked by frequent rainfall. When you plan your vacation be sure to check out the Australian weather guide.

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Expecting To See Koalas and Kangaroos Wherever They Go

Most tourists are surprised when they leave Australia and they haven’t seen either of these animals. Visitors to the big cities also think or expect to see them around everywhere and in fact, you might never see it, anywhere.

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Travelling by Train

Visitors that underestimate Australia’s size and expensiveness think they can save on money by travelling by train and still see the entire Australia in a week. Wrong! You will find it very expensive to travel by train and the long-distance trains are ponderously slow. Choose a budget airline and you will pay less and see more.

An Over-Ambitious Itinerary

When you have never been to Australia, you will be surprised to see how long it takes to go from oint A to B. In addition, there could be delays in your travel plans as well and you do not realize the distance between on side of the country to another.


Be realistic and have realistic expectations or your extraordinary trip to Australia will make you feel unaccomplished. Try to avoid these mistakes and if you fall victim to any, do not be disappointed either. Always enjoy your Aussie wanderings and try to take advice from the incredibly friendly locals.



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