Top Three Attractions in Cook, Belconnen

Best Places to Visit in Cook, Belconnen

The suburb of the Cook was named after Captain James Cook. Cook is the perfect place to get mouth-watering meals and participate in various activities.

1. Little Oink

If you haven’t been to the little oink cafe, then this is your chance. The delightful eclectic decor, superb coffee, delicious food, and the most friendly staff are always ready to provide the best of everything knocking it out of the park!

2. Cook Community Hub

Ample parking in and around the venue. It’s the perfect place to host parties and activities. It includes good facilities and public access to community services.

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3. Turkish Delight

Over the years, Turkish delight has been both a second home to Canberra people and a symbol of long-lasting friendship and connections between Turkish and Australian people. The Turkish delight takes pride in making the place a portal into their home desires and perfect food.

  • Live belly dances on Saturday nights
  • Banquets available
  • Able to cater to you

Is It Worth The Visit?

Cook has many things to offer, ranging from a delicious, delightful meal to superb views and sceneries, as well as many fun activities! The quiet, leafy suburb named Cook is one of Canberra’s finest places to visit. Cook is a highly recommended suburb to visit and enjoy!

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