Top 5 Fallout Games Ranked Best to Worse

Top 5 Best Fallout PC Games

We are tasked with yet a near-impossible task! Since the Fallout franchise was released more than twenty years ago, each one received only praise. To pit a bunch of top games against each other is certainly no easy feat, but here we go.

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Dystopia At Its Best Throughout The Fallout Franchise

1. Fallout

While many would argue that Fallout 1 wasn’t the best, we thought differently and introduce you to where it all began. This is where the foundations were laid for the dystopian futuristic world we have come to love. The game is set in 2161 and your home is Vault 13.
Even though the first in the franchise hasn’t got the amazing graphics of the later games, this game nailed the dystopian disorder perfectly. This is a stark, post-apocalyptic atmosphere with zero frills. When your vault s under attack and you must leave to defend it, from the first second you set foot outside, you are met with a savage, desolate wasteland.
When this game was developed there was no fancy technology, and nobody has ever heard of Super Mutants and Deathclaws which make this such an original classic. Here you encounter truly terrifying enemies and the horrors hidden in that post-apocalypse is worth checking out. Consider that this game was developed in 1997 and you will also look at it with new eyes!

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2. Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas welcomes you, but it certainly isn’t the Vegas you would have expected. It is the kind of Vegas where you must first dig your own grave, then shot and left for dead. Here is a desert oasis with desperados and dreamers each one fighting for control.
You will be fighting your way through the heat-blasted Mojave Desert which is a horrifying wasteland, across the Hoover Dam with its ow dangers to the Vegas Strip and its neon lights. Throughout you are introduced to special weapons, power-hungry factions, mutated creatures and trying to survive.
Do not think the casinos’ interiors are glitzy and glamour either, but you can fight in an upcoming war after choosing sides or fight them both to become the King of New Vegas. You will wake up after being left for dead in Goodsprings, which is a dystopian one-horse town with only dilapidated buildings.
At the edge of the desert where the game begins you encounter only tumbleweed and isolated town, but nearing New Vegs, civilization is stronger. And the revenge you seek is also there as well as an abundance of intriguing dangers, evil and nobility too.

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3. Fallout 2

80 years have passed since your ancestors last trodden the wastelands you now cross. You are searching for a way to save your village, as primitive as it is. You don’t know if anything is to be gained from this brave new world as you face treachery and deceit, relentless streams of lying, megalomaniac mutants and crippling radiation.
You are the Vault Dweller who was thrown out of the Vault after being too long in the outside world at the end of Fallout 1. You will travel with a couple of companions to start your own village. It is decades later though since the original fallout and a new government has taken over called the NCR.
An organization called Brotherhood of Steel also emerged with a drug called jet. The town of Arroyo where you live during the year 2241, suffers a terrible drought and you will become the Chosen One to retrieve the Garden of Eden Creation Kit to save your town. This is a special device that takes post-apocalyptic wastelands and turns it into paradise.
You will be sent on your way to go to Vault 13 where it is rumoured the device is held. Nobody is there and when you return to your village, it has been overrun by a mysterious group called Enclave. You will free both your village as well as the captured Vault dwellers.

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4. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the eighth overall and fifth instalment in the franchise and plays off in Massachusetts. You are the only one to have survived to assault on Vault 111. You emerge 210 years after the Great War in Boston with landmarks like the Massachusetts State House, the USS Constitution and the Paul Revere Monument in the game.
The year is 2287 and included in the game is downtown Boston, city outskirts, coastal regions and mountains while the enemies lie more to the southeast areas. You are the Sole Survivor, but you have more than enough enemies while you try to rebuild your home and a new settlement.
Ghouls, deathclaws, super mutants, raiders, mirelurks and mole rats are in abundance and you will have your hands full.

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5. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is in 2277 on what used to be the US’ East Coast. It is predominantly in Northeast Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Southwest Maryland and Washington D.C. The story starts in a retro-futuristic, post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. following the Great War between the Soviet Union, China, the U.S. and other countries. It is 200 years after the war and you live in what is left of destruction and intense damage inflicted that lasted a short while but with ever-lasting devastation.
You will be the Lone Wanderer who is thrown out of Vault 101 after his father who was thrown out first threw the Vault into anarchy. The Lone Wanderer searches for his father through wastelands to a derelict aircraft carrier and eventually after numerous adventures and encounters both friendly and hostile finds James to Vault 112.
His father told him bout the device that “fixes” everything, the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. When his father is killed, the Lone Wanderer continues his fathers work to find the device and save the world.

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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that this is my opinion and you might not agree! Feel free to comment and share the way you would rank them and let’s see if I can justify my personal choices.

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