Top 13 Instagrammable Spots in Western Australia

Instagrammable Spots in Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia. Around a million tourists tend to visit this part of this country and for a good reason. There’s much to see and do, and for many of us, much of it is picture-perfect. Therefore, we want to capture them in photos.

Luckily, Western Australia is quite photogenic, whether you’re taking a picture of natural sights or human-made structures.

With that said, Western Australia is a great hub for people who have a love for travel and photography. The fact that the Indian Ocean hugs this state around the northern and western parts of the country make for fantastic sunset and sunrise photos in particular areas of the state.

So whether you have your smartphone or you’re trying to fit a DSLR in acceptable carry-on luggage dimensions, there’s always something worth capturing within your viewfinder when you’re in Western Australia.

If you’re looking for Instagram inspiration, here are 13 spots that you should visit in Western Australia that is, shall we say, picturesque:

1. Rottnest Island

There are quite a few things that are unique within Western Australia, and one of them is something that you may only find in the gorgeous Rottnest Island.

If you’re a fan of animals, especially cute and furry ones, Rottnest Island would like to introduce you to the quokkas. If you look up #quokkaselfie on Instagram, you’ll find many photos of people posing with these adorable furry creatures that look like they’re smiling in the picture as well.

Quokkas aren’t the only creatures you can find when you’re in Rottnest Island. In Eagle Bay, you’ll see all-year-round the New Zealand Fur Seals as they interact with their natural habitat.

At the westernmost point of Rottnest Island is the Fish Hook Bay, where you can also observe whales from afar during their mating season.

2. Blue Boat House, Perth

One spot that you’d want to take a photo of for your Instagram is a small and blue little boathouse that managed to become a local icon, thanks to the help of social media.

The Crawley Edge Boatshed, most known as the Blue Boat House, is located in the Swan River and has become a popular photo-op for many people on social media.

Before, it was a simple boathouse that was on the brink of getting demolished. Still, with a little remodel and solid blue paint, it has become a Swan River landmark.

This blue boat house makes for a charming scene with the help of the tranquil Swan River as its background. Many people have already taken photos there. This spot is so popular that it became a default phone wallpaper for the Chinese smartphone, Huawei.

3. Matilda Bay

Speaking of the iconic Crawley Edge Boatshed and the Swan River, you might also include another excellent photo spot near these locations, the Matilda Bay.

Matilda Bay is a popular site for weddings and other events. Aside from being an excellent place for a variety of social events, you can also capture some great photos here.

You can find dolphins along the Swan River and see them from Matilda Bay. You can also see several water birds, which will look amazing against the setting or rising sun. There are also quite a lot of boats and yachts, which are also an exciting photography focus.

4. Pinnacles Desert, Jurien Bay

In the town of Cervantes in Western Australia lies the Nambung National Park, which is most famous for one attraction, the Pinnacles Desert.

With over 250,000 tourists a year, indeed, the Pinnacles Desert is one of the most, if not the most, popular spots in Western Australia.

The Pinnacles Desert makes it seem as if you’re somewhere away from Australia, and it gives it an otherworldly feel. The pinnacles, which the desert was named after, are the limestone formations that made this particular area famous.

Taking a photo of these numerous pinnacles all over the desert will make for a unique and exciting photo opportunity.

5. The Fremantle Ferris Wheel

If you find yourself in Perth, you should stop by the town of Fremantle and enjoy a walk around Esplanade Park.

You’ll find the park across the Fishing Boat Harbour, and you can enjoy a picnic in the park for a slow and relaxing day.

Speaking of quiet and relaxing, one thing you should take a photo of while in the park would be the Fremantle Ferris Wheel.

Also known as the Skyview Wheel, this Ferris wheel is photogenic, much like the iconic London Eye. Although it might not have the same level of notoriety worldwide, it still offers you plenty of photo opportunities.

You can take a photo of it from the ground up. And while you’re in the Ferris wheel, take pictures of the Fremantle town and harbor it from up high.

6. Nature’s Window, Kalbarri

One of Western Australia’s most well-known natural sights would be what they call Nature’s Window.

Nature’s Window is a sandstone formation that the wind had eroded enough to form a “window” or an opening in the middle. This opening gives a fantastic view of the canyon around it. It makes for a great photo opportunity with or without you in the picture.

However, it’s important to note that you need to hike to be able to get there. Thus, you should bring a sturdy pair of hiking shoes, as well as sun protection of some sort if you want to get there.

The hike itself won’t take you more than an hour or so to finish.

7. Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay

Fans of sea creatures, and being around the water in general, should look forward to going to the charming town of Coral Bay.

When it comes to marine life sanctuaries, Coral Bay can’t be beaten. While you’re in Coral Bay, one of the most Instagrammable areas, there would be the Ningaloo Reef.

The Ningaloo Reef is one of the most extensive fringing reefs in the world, and whale sharks make this their home. To capture its true beauty, you need to have a snorkel and some goggles, as well as a waterproof camera.

That way, you can get amazing underwater shots of the marine life that you can’t see above the surface.

8. Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park in Esperance has beautiful beaches with sandy coastlines and turquoise seas framing it.

You can go on hikes in the park and traverse the coast. You can also go rock climbing at Mount Le Grand or the Frenchman’s Peak. However, for people looking for opportunities, you need not look further than Lucky Bay.

Lucky Bay is the best spot to take pictures with kangaroos while you’re on the beach. The kangaroos around the beach are the cherry on top of this gorgeous beach. However, try to keep your distance as much as possible and respect your boundaries for your safety and theirs.

9. The Margaret River Region

The Margaret River Region on the Southwestern side of Australia has a lot of things worth doing (and taking photos of) if you know where to look.

One of the most popular activities that you must do when you’re in this region would be to try out some delicious local wine from its wineries.

One place that you should stop by for a cool photo would be the Lake Cave, where the limestone formation creates a somewhat table-like structure.

Aside from Lake Cave, you can also go to Jewel Cave, where the stalagmites and stalactites are aplenty. The Jewel Cave has some of the world’s longest straw stalactites.

10. Dunsborough Cape Naturaliste Region

The Dunsborough Cape Naturaliste Region offers plenty of majestic views that any photographer wouldn’t want to miss. There are also plenty of captivating rock formations that offer unique photo-ops.

For example, the area around Sugarloaf Rock has a lot of new spots. Some of them have names, some of them don’t. Taking a walk to find unique places will help you find amazing photos of the natural landscape.

If you’re going to look into the maritime history of the region, as well as get a shot of a fantastic human-made structure, visit the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse.

11. Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay

Another coastal location that makes for a lot of Instagram-ready photos is something that you can find in the Two Peoples Bay Natural Reserve. That is Little Beach.

We already know that the combination of sparkling blue seas and bright white sand is always a winner. However, who wouldn’t want to take one more photo of such a winning combo?

One thing you might want to look out for outside of the beautiful shots you can take would be the sound that the sand makes whenever you walk on it. The white quartz sand makes a funny little squeaking noise whenever you take a step, which adds to the unique allure of Little Beach.

12. Injidup Natural Spa

One of the most exciting spots in Western Australia is this lovely little natural rock pool or spa, hidden away from the volatile Indian Ocean.

The Injidup Natural Spa is one of the best photo ops that you can get when you’re in West Australia. As the Indian Ocean’s waves crash over the rocks, you have a natural sanctuary that looks like a spa or pool.

The rock formation protecting this pool can create a waterfall effect every time the waves crash, so make sure you take that photo as soon as the waves come.

13. Pink Salt Lake, Esperance

Another curiosity that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else would be the Pink Salt Lake near Esperance. This lake is famous for being, well, pink.

It’s jarring to see the milky pink lake surrounded by the deep green forest and the bright blue sea around it. However, this is quite real and natural, too.

The Pink Salt Lake that’s nearest Esperance is on Middle Island. To get there, you either need to have the money for a flight or be able to endure a relatively long boat ride.

It will undoubtedly be worth it to see that bizarre sight you won’t find anywhere else.

When you stop by Western Australia, you’re going to find a lot of spots that will get your camera clicking for a while. If there’s any place that you’d want to go on a photography spree in, one of your top contenders could be Western Australia.

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