Greens Pool – Western Australia

Greens Pool is a beautiful beach which is located on the southern coast of Western Australia. The beach is situated between Walpole and Denmark. One add factor contributing to beauty is a sheltered beach which is also a part of William Bay National Park. Magnificent sandy white beach is ringed by great boulders of granite that help in preventing the swelling of the Southern Ocean when reaching its very shoreline. The Greens Pool catches a lot of attraction of the tourists because of its natural and serene views. A great number of tourists visit here on a regular basis to enjoy the solace and have a gala time.

Greens Pool: The Perfect Natural Swimming Pool:

Greens Pool can be considered as the perfect natural swimming pool. It serves as a perfect holiday destination for families with young kids. There are offshore rocks behind the beach that not only add beauty to the whole view but also serves as a shelter against the wind and the waves. This swimming area is calm and tranquil. At the same time, it is perfectly safe and therefore swimming could be done here heedless of the waves, storm or the wind. The Greens Pool comprises of crystal clear water and is accompanied by pristine white sand.

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Since it is considered as the perfect natural swimming pool of Western Australia, swimming is the most widespread activity performed here by the people. If you are on your trip to Western Australia, your visit to the Greens Pool is a must. Dive into the crystal clear waters of this pool and have the time of your life killing the scorching heat. Explore the nearby rocks. Build the sandcastles with the beautiful white sand. Dive off the rocks and you can also perform various adventure activities such as snorkelling, beach volleyball, etc.

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