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Ten Stange Australian Laws Still Around

Every country is governed by a set of rules and regulations that the citizens of the country are bound to follow. These rules and regulations are called laws. A country needs laws to ensure the smooth functioning of day to day activities. There is criminal law, international law, corporate law, labour law, property law, constitutional law and various other types of laws that will crop up in your life one way or the other. However, some laws are so unique that you can’t make the head or tail of them. These laws, though exist but are not widely known and thus the chances of you getting arrested for breaking them are very thin.

Australia’s Strangest Laws Still Active in 2020

Just like any other country, Australia has laws of its own to guide and protect its citizens. Australian laws follow the same mandate that all the citizens must abide by the set rules and regulations or suffer the consequences. But there are strange laws that are in effect even though there is absolutely no reason behind them. Some laws are so weird that you are bound to question the reason behind their existence. Some bizarre laws of Australia are it is illegal to dress up as Batman and Robin or in Queensland taxi cabs carry a bale of hay in the trunk, though there is no possibility of having a sound reason behind this law. Beware that if you walk on the right-hand side of the footpath you might get in trouble with the authorities. Thinking about cleaning your house, don’t switch on your vacuum on a weekend between 10 pm to 7 am because it is illegal. So, here are ten weird Australian laws that are going to make you laugh the next time you think about this country.



First on our list of bizarre laws of Australia is this. Apparently, in Victoria, you cannot wear hot pink hot pants after midday on a Sunday. There goes your plan to beat the heat while wearing a good colour. Just hope that the poor tourists visiting the country haven’t packed any hot pink hot pants for their journey or it will end badly for them. They should print this warning in hot pink on the travelling brochures.


Almost everyone in the world loves potatoes, but the weird Australian laws prohibit you to have more than 50 kg of potatoes at a time. Weird right? Just jot this down on your grocery list if you don’t want to end up in a police station trying to explain the reason why you had more than 50 kg of potatoes. And that’s not the weirdest part, the police actually can stop any vehicle that they believe is carrying more than the legal potato amount and they can charge a penalty. So, in a nutshell, eating too many potatoes can cost you. Heavily.


Another one in our list of strange laws that are in effect is this masterpiece. Planning on going to the beach in Brighton Beach in Melbourne, you are in the need of a new swimsuit. To all those burkini sellers out there, this is a golden opportunity for you because of the bizarre laws of Australia, apparently, you need a swimsuit that covers you from the neck to the knee and while you are at it make sure you have your as covered. You don’t want a fun outing to turn into a police matter. Talk about modern times, right? Beaches have laws of their own. If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, please buy a new bikini that fits their description.


Why does one go to a pub? To have a good time with their mates but Australian laws want you to have fun with responsibility. It is illegal to get drunk at a pub. The security is within the rights of the law to kick you out of the establishment if they think that you are drunk, if you don’t cooperate then you just earned yourself a night in a cell because they can call the police. So, drink safely and though it is not a part of this law, don’t drink and drive.


The Bizarre laws of Australia forget to cover one basic point. The Australian law bans kids below the age of 18 years to buy cigarettes and alcohol however, the funny part is that this law doesn’t say anything about smoking or drinking. So, the parents must beware of such strange laws that are in effect and should be sure of locking the liquor cabinet when they leave the house. It is not against the law to drink alcohol so it is up to you to stop your kids from doing such rash things.



If you get electrocuted to death then you will have to pay fines to the government. Apparently, according to Australian laws, it is illegal to touch electric wires which can lead to your death. So, if you don’t want to pay a fine of up to $200 then please keep a safe distance from electrical wires and don’t die because of them. Definitely one of the weirdest Australian laws.


Just another story of strange laws that are in effect in Australia. Ironically, if you are going to the Gold Coast, your bikini must not exceed six inches of clothing. If Brighton beach doesn’t sound like your kind of place then change the destination and enjoy. Trust Australia to have two different laws about the same issue. Beware of the fashion police who’ll be there to measure the amount of clothing covering your skin and if all this haggle is too much for you why not stay in, have a good cup of coffee and read a book and don’t worry about the bizarre laws of Australia.


Fortune telling and tarot reading are illegal in this country because the Australian laws believe in making one’s fortune. If you plan on going out and having your palm read or fortune told, think twice because the tarot card reader won’t tell you that your fortune might lead you to legal troubles. Be an ideal citizen and keep away from witchcraft and magic.


Is your bulb fused? Are you going to change it? Are you a professional electrician? If not, then back off. Because according to Australian laws, you need a professional electrician to be able to change a bulb. All the electricians out there, this can be a profitable business for you. The penalty for changing your bulb if you are not a professional electrician is $10 and that’s why most people in Victoria are willing to take the risk. We are pretty sure there are other weird Australian laws charging penalties way more than that.


Yup, it is illegal by the law to be an uninvited guest to witness someone’s holy matrimony. You can get a fine of up to $10,000 which is a huge amount to put at stake for some free food and good music. It is illegal to crash a funeral. And though it is rightful because you have to know someone to be a part of their happiness or sorrow, the fine of $10,000 is a bit much. The strange laws that are in effect are sure making the Australian police very happy.

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These are but a few of the weird laws that Australia has. Most of them are not public knowledge but one should be aware of them in case they break a law they didn’t even know about. One does question the reason behind the existence of such laws and the goal they accomplish. Every country has some weird laws that will leave you in a fit of laughter when you know about them. Australian citizens are bound to abide by Australian laws as the citizens of any country are. However, these laws are not well-known enough that sometimes the citizen might not even know the reason why they got in trouble with the authorities.

Fun Fact

What are some crazy laws that still exist?

In California it is illegal to have caller ID • In California it’s against regulations to let phones ring more than nine times in state offices. It is illegal to cry on the witness stand. Lodi: It is illegal to own or sell “Silly String”. It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license.

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  1. Ok so most of these have a reason. I’ll explain. 1. Hot pink pants.
    No one likes show offs. Simple
    2. No potatoes
    That is a complete lie.
    3. Covered swimsuites
    No one wants to see their kid looking and the girls “stuff”
    4. No drinking in a pub
    So your actually allowed to drink in a pub the law actually means that don’t drink too much until you try to drive by yourself. Not a law actuslly just a recomendation
    5. Kids can’t buy alchahol or ciggies
    They basically saying to you to have the knoledge to not drink or smoke
    6. Don’t those electrical wires
    Those wires carry electricity for houses. Tampering with them are just plain silly and you will be the cause of homes to have blackouts. Don’t touch them mate
    7. 6 inch of clothing
    That’s just one of the stories that americans hear. It’s bullsh*t
    8. Don’t ask for fortune
    That’s bullsh*t as well
    9. Don’t change the lightbulb
    Not a law but it’s just recomended. If you do something and your dumb enough to blow up the house somehow (americans) then your stuffed. Call an electrician and they will help you mate. Simple
    10. Don’t be a wedding crasher
    Weddings are sacred moments. Would you like it if someone came into your wedding while the guy says you may now kiss the bride then you will be pissed off. God americans.
    11. It’s illegal to urinate of your back left tire
    Correct. First of all it’s stupid and second of all your littering kind of. Piss on them then you drive of. Piss is now on the road. Also i know that americans wrote this because most of these make sense but americans can’t understand


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