Top 10 Things You Will Love About Australia in 2023

Ten Australian Things You Will Love in 2023

The best part about travelling is that no matter what happens, you will always remember the place you visited. The fun you had, the places you went and enjoyed. Every place has something special. Something completely unique. Travelling is the therapy you need. When you pack your bags and go somewhere new you are on your way of discovering yourself. The world is so big that there is very less time available to see it all. Every part of the world is special. Every country a destination waiting to be explored.

Love it Or Leave it 2020 Australia

Australia is no less. The country is a famous travel destination that is loved by everyone. One of the major reasons why more and more people are choosing to migrate to Australia is because of its amazing weather. Australia is a country that is also an island continent and is full of flavours, the amazing beaches or the breath-taking mountains or the delicious food, Australia has it all. You will encounter some incredible Australian experiences. Many things are unique to this country. Amazing things in Australia that you are going to love and are going to come back to try them for a second time. Australia touches your senses and leaves an ever-lasting memory. A beautiful Australian experience is hard to forget. You may have already heard thousands of reasons why you should visit this country, but here are a few more things in Australia that you are going to love.



First on our list of incredible experiences in Australia is the infamous Sydney Harbour. The beginning of a new year of your life. What better way to celebrate it than seeing amazing fireworks across the length of the sky? Sydney Harbour puts an amazing show for the viewers as they enjoy the crackers bursting in the night shy showering it in beautiful glittery colours. People from all over the world travel to Sydney so that they could see this amazing sight first hand. Various vantage points are available according to your budget. Plan a nice evening with your family, spread out a bedsheet and pull out a picnic basket and enjoy an amazing evening with your family. A beautiful way to say goodbye to the previous year and to welcome the new one with open arms.


Between Currumbin village and Palm Beach, the Currumbin creek runs 24 km and leads to Mount Cougal. You can get a chance to travel the entire distance on a kayak or paddleboard the pricing starts for as cheap as $10. You are going to love this astounding Australian adventure. This is an adventure for a lifetime. A beautiful Australian experience that will blow your mind. If this is not the example of the amazing things in Australia then I don’t know what is. You will get a chance to see beautiful landscapes and lush jungles. Bring out the adventurer in you and try this amazing experience.

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Tali Wiru offers you the amazing opportunity to dine under the stars as you look at distant tombs and watch the sunset, washing the sky in beautiful hues and painting an ever-lasting memory. This is one of the most incredible experiences in Australia you will ever have. You will also experience the thrill of sitting around a campfire and listening to amazing stories. A night like no other, Tali Wiru operates four-times a week from April to mid-October and no more than twenty guests are allowed at a time.


Have horses always fascinated you? Australia is home to ‘Brumbies’ wild horses. In the snowy mountains, Snowy Wilderness is a private property that offers you the chance to see these majestic creatures yourself. While you are not allowed to ride a Brumby, you can observe these wild horses while you ride on a mountain-fit stock horse as they give you a tour of the 3,000-hectare property.


While Tasmania is famous for its cool climate wines, the place is also well-known for its fresh local produce. The food here is delicious and you should dine here for an entire day to know the different types of dishes that are available here. Belgian-style chocolates, doughnuts, tasty oysters, chilli camembert. The wine here is world-famous and people come here to try its amazing taste.


There is no shortage of incredible experiences in Australia. There is a fake beach in Brisbane. While Queensland is infamous for its beaches, Brisbane is not that lucky. The capital is set on flood plain facing the banks of the Brisbane River. But not to worry, they have a solution for that. Next, on our list of amazing things in Australia, South Bank’s Streets Beach is an artificial swimming pool that looks like a lagoon. To complete the look, there is artificial sand, bubbling creeks and tropical garden. No one can tell that it is an artificial beach. The entry is free. The beach is a much-wanted escape from the relentless Brisbane heat.


Lake Eyre has the lowest natural point in Australia and during some occasions it fills up, making it the largest lake in Australia. It attracts different species of birds- pelicans, silver gulls and many more. You can fly over Lake Eyre and enjoy the beautiful landscape of low red dunes, the vast Salt Lake and the wildlife. You will be blown away and to enjoy all that from a helicopter will be a beautiful Australian experience altogether.


It is no secret that Canberra is a beautiful city. The Australian capital offers the perfect calm conditions, that is why it is a big hotspot for hot air ballooning. No to mention, the beautiful greenery and the Lake Burley Griffin as well as various architecture and monuments that are spread across the capital. This astounding Australian adventure should be on your wishlist. Hot air ballooning is the favourite activity that the tourists want to do and that is why it has grown so famous over the years. The beautiful Australian experience will be etched in your memory forever.


Q1 in Surfer’s Paradise is one of the tallest buildings of the world with 322 metres height. Go on the 77th floor and enjoy amazing views from the top of the world. Get a chance to have 360 degrees view of the other buildings along the shore of the Gold Coast. And while your eyes will be dazzled by the beautiful landscapes, your tongue will taste some of the finest food ever. There is no limit to the amazing things in Australia.



Australia, however, is mostly renowned for its gorgeous beaches and coastal reefs and wildlife, the country also has some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. People come in flock to get a taste of skiing along the slopes of these mountains to feel the incredible experiences in Australia at its best. While some mountains are more favoured for hiking, some mountain slopes are skiing hotspots. It is an astounding Australian adventure that will steal your breath. This proves that Australia is a unique experience. A breath of fresh air. You can get a chance to experience all kinds of climates and wildlife and landscapes, it is a country like no other.


It is always good to know a bit about the place you are visiting beforehand. The places to go, the adventures to try. All these are important factors for travelling. While it is good to go places that are as per your preferences, sometimes it is good to trek on a different path and you will be amazed where it leads you. Australia, though a single country as well as a continent, has so much variation in its culture, weather, sceneries that it sometimes feels like a collection of different countries. It offers you so many adventures and takes you on exciting journeys that you will never forget. Australia is different, it is unique and special and there are so many things that you’ll love about this country.



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