5 Souvenirs or Gifts You Should Buy While You Visit Australia

Five Iconic Australian Souvenirs

So, you had a really good time in Australia and now its time to go back to your home country! Your friends and family are waiting for you to get back and listen to your stories and adventure trips. So, what are your plans about getting some gifts for your loved ones? Because, even if they haven’t told you, you need to figure out some amazing surprises for them.

Don’t worry! Australia is full of surprises and remarkable presents. We are presenting some great souvenirs which you can buy from Australia and surprise your loved ones back at home. From food items to decoration pieces and many other items, Australia has got plenty of nice choices.

1. Tim Tam

If you want to give your loved ones the best and the yummiest present ever, then get some Tim Tams from Australia. This famous chocolate sandwich biscuit is an amazing option which is present only in Australia. If you buy a few bags of this chocolate biscuit, there won’t be any surprise better than it.

Moreover, these biscuits also come in various flavours so you get a variety of choices. Visit the famous supermarkets where you can easily find Tim Tams.

2. Lucas Papaw Ointment

For all the females and beauty-fanatics out there, there are many products in Australia which are amazing. One such product is known as Lucas Papaw Ointment. This Ointment is very soothing and is used to apply topically on the lips. Moreover, it is also a perfect ointment for insect bites and burns. Lucas is a famous skin ointment company and their products are only available in Australia.

3.   Coffee Beans

Melbourne is famous for coffee beans. This great city is highly reputable due to its rich and exciting coffee beans. Melbourne is famous in the world for producing the best coffee.

As a traveller and backpacker, you can not only enjoy your morning coffee sitting in the cafes but you can also take it back home. You can buy the best coffee beans from Melbourne and gift them to your friends and family. There isn’t any gift better than these beans. Moreover, you can also give your friends a little glance into Australian’s culture and cuisines while they sip this coffee.

4.   Honey

Australian honey is famous in the world. The country is exporting honey to many countries in bulk. That is why it is among the top 10 countries of the world which are the producers of the best quality honey.

If you visit Australia, do not forget to save some money to buy fresh, rich and pure honey. You can gift them to people back in your home country. It is not only a culinary item but it is also used as a healing agent.

5.   Ugg Boots


If you are aware of fashion statements, then you must also be aware of Ugg. Their boots are famous all around the world. They are warm, comfortable, stylish and are perfect for winters. These super -warm boots are among the most sold items in Sydney.

Ugg boots are made from high-quality sheepskin. You cannot find them commonly anywhere else in the world. So, these boots are another great gift you can take back home to the special ones.

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