Top 10 Side Hustles in Australia

Ten of the Best Side Hustles in Australia

We don’t even have to mention what or why anyone looks for a side hustle as you are probably also one of the millions that are looking for an opportunity to diversify your income. Globally nine-to-fivers supplement their careers with temporary or independent work.

Top Australian Side Hustles

1. Rent Out The Spare Room

Many Australians disregard the notion of an Airbnb simply because they are under the impression that they must rent out their entire house or be away from their homes. That is not true if you have a spare room or basement conversion you can make serious money especially if you don’t like the idea of a permanent housemate. Airbnb hosting gives you the freedom to choose the times or days that you have space. Not only is this a top and solid income booster, but you also meet new people with very little work involved except for making your guest feel welcome and obviously clean. At the same time is it a great idea to rent out your parking space or garage if you do not own a car or have space for storage or an additional car parking space.

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2. Rent Out Your Car

Residents of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney can rent out their car through Car Next Door. The only requirement is that the car is under six years old or less than 150, 000km on its clock and in great running condition. While it is rather unsafe to rent out your car privately Car Next Door renters are vetted, and you are insured. If you have an extra car or only use it for weekend trips, it is a great opportunity. This company guarantees a minimum of $2000 for the first year and that is for renting out your car for only 50% of the year. Top car renters earn between $7,000 and $10, 000 per year. What a great way to earn with no hassle!

3. Casual Bar Work

Australia is a great country to work in since the minimum wage is very high. When you have a nine-to-five job and have free weekends, casual bar work pays exceptionally well. You meet new people, spend a couple of hours pouring drinks and even listen to live music and attend festivals while getting paid. Make no mistake this is actually hard work, but fun at the same time while you will earn a couple of hundred dollars per day.

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4. Transcription Jobs from Home

What is great about transcription jobs is the freedom to work from wherever you are. For example, one of Australia’s top transcriptions companies is Rev. all you need is a good internet connection, a computer and strong English skills. You will obviously need to demonstrate your grammar and language skills with a sample test. Once approved you can choose your jobs and work as much or as little as you choose. You get weekly payment through PayPal with the average earnings at $245 and up to $1495 per month.

5. Uber Driver

The days of taxis are gone with the convenience of Uber and this is an excellent way for you to make extra cash at night and weekends.

6. Translators

One of Australia’s top side hustles is working as a translator due to the country’s high multicultural society. A highly specialised and in-demand skill is to speak more than one language and if you can, you are in demand! The advantage is that it is primarily online which gives you the flexibility you need when you have another job. You will be able to translate anything from documents to conversations and videos.

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7. Photographer

While you have your daytime job or career, your hobby or first love and passion could be photography, so why not turn your passion into profit with this excellent side hustle . You can take photos at corporate events, weddings, birthdays, etc. outside your normal working hours and weekends. To differentiate yourself be sure to identify your niche though for better and more gigs.

8. Graphic Design

When you have the skill or even in the industry yourself this is an excellent side hustle as the industry is incredibly diverse. The possibilities are endless and can range from book and cd covers brochures, product packaging, logos, posters and many more. Since it is often a freelance work you can do it in your own time, but beware that it is often deadline-driven so commitment is essential.

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9. Clothing Rental

In Australia, a growing side hustle is making money from your own expensive, beautiful or designer clothing. All you need to do is take a photograph of your items, add the description and place it on Rentadress Australia or The Volte. These are only two of the top clothes-hire websites mentioned but there are many more. You can choose your shipping method and it is an easy way for someone else to pay back money already spent back into your account. You get your items back and rent it over and over.

10. Blogging

One of our favourites is blogging especially if you have a knack for writing. It is a powerful creative outlet but the important factor is to have a niche market with a focused website. You need a theme or coherence and not write about simply anything that pops into your head. You monetise the website and have various avenues like affiliate links and adverts on your website.

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The beauty of a side hustle is that you can choose for how long you want to do it aside from the fact that you can do it whenever you want to. It is amazing flexibility! While there are many more, we think our top 10 side hustles in Australia is a good start and you are welcome to mention more in our comments.

Fun Fact

What is the number 1 side hustle?

Yes, everyone talks about ridesharing – some people love it and some people despise it. However, it’s our #1 pick for the best side hustle because it’s one of the few jobs that you can literally do anytime, anywhere.

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