Top 10 Side Hustles To Consider in Australia to Make Extra Money

10 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Australia

Aussies are lucky when it comes to earning extra money. Loads of jobs in Australia need an extra pair of hands or weekend workers providing Aussies with an opportunity to start their own side hustles and make extra money. The best thing about these side hustles is that they don’t need investment of money. A set of basic skills and knowledge can help you get through them. If you are looking for ways to earn extra money, then you are just at the right place as here goes a curated list of top side hustles in Australia that you must consider.

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1. Online Tutoring

An easy peasy way to earn money is by tutoring on an online platform. The quest for knowledge and number of knowledge-avid people is never likely to end. Millions of people across the globe are craving for basic skills and knowledge in diverse areas such as languages, sciences, mathematics, computer sciences and even management, administration and medicine. If you have a strong grip on any subject, then you can teach online with very minimal expense. Your educational background in the field would be a plus point that will also help you earn the trust of your students. You will simply need to register with some online education platform, design your own course and set your tuition rate. You will find this virtual classroom an interactive source of earning as you won’t need to even leave your bed to be present there! An alternative is to create your own YouTube channel, make videos or step-wise tutorials about anything interesting, design lectures on various high-demand skills and give it a go!

2. Social Media Marketing

Now, who doesn’t use social media? I am sure “everyone” does! So, why not use this platform for earning money? Yes, you can do it if you have a basic understanding of how to manage it. This interesting side hustle can turn into your full-time job in no time. Social media content creators and managers are high in demand these days and many Australian and overseas firms are looking for steadfast people who can rock their companies’ profiles. The task is easy yet requires adroitness and good writing skills and sometimes digital marketer certification. A basic course in the domain will definitely help you get through. Managing your client’s social media profiles is an exciting task to work on. Further, your obsession with Instagram and your Facebook mania can come in handy. So, just jump into the world of social media if you are planning to earn some extra bucks or starting a full-fledged side hustle.

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3. Airbnb

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you get someone else to pay all your loans and debts? How would you feel if your income is doubled in no time when you don’t even have to do extra work? Believe me! This can happen in today’s world. Well, do you have a room or a studio to spare at your place? If yes, then Airbnb provides you with an opportunity to earn extra cash while renting it out to visitors. A cool way to make money while interacting with people across the globe! Airbnb hosting allows you to choose days on which to have guests so you don’t need to worry about handling guest every other day. What’s more exciting is that you don’t need to have a brand new space, even less fancy and luxurious houses could let you earn a pretty penny. Before jumping into this business, get your house insured to cover potential losses and delve into real estate industry trends. Next time, if you are going for holidays keep the money flowing in by renting your space.

4. Driving

If you own a car that is not too old, register yourself with any of the transportation network companies in Australia and start making extra cash. A great way to increase your income, this side hustle is one of the most popular ways of earning money in Australia. Platforms such as Car Next Door and Uber allow you to register your car and start earning. Though not hard and fast, but these companies have some TORs that the driver needs to obey like your car must be in good condition, not old more than 6 years, have less than 150,000kms on the clock etc. Enjoy being a tour guide for tourists visiting Melbourne or drive passengers to the club, markets, and hospitals before or after your regular job, drive them during your commute to work or on weekends. Interestingly, you can even rent your car on hourly basis through a company GetAround which handles the car insurance as well.

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5. Transcription

Transcribing audio clips for various clients is a lucrative home business for Australians. A good internet connection and a reasonable typing speed are all that you need to earn money through this side task. The best thing is that you can work at your own ease and as much or as little as you want. It is interesting to turn audio files into typed files using online editors. Individuals with good listening skill can easily take the lead in this job. You can earn between US$0.36 and US$0.45 for every minute of transcribing audios. Medical transcription is another category of transcription in which the clients ask for typing recorded voice notes of doctors. Whichever type you go for, transcription is an easy way to pool money.

6. Virtual Assistant

Another great money-making task is providing virtual assistance from home to various firms, businesses and companies. Whether you are an administrator, personal or an executive assistant, you can render your services online by working as a virtual assistant. A little bit flexible attitude, ability to handle and manage multiple tasks efficiently is the trait firms look for in individuals. It is an interesting game to provide administrative support to clients while working at your ease, or assist individuals and companies with various tasks related to data entry and administration. Basic skills, an internet connection and a system to work on are all you need. You can also go for online computer courses to increase your credibility for the job.

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7. Blogging

Monetization through blogging is a bit difficult but of course not impossible. It is fun side hustle to practice your skills, specifically writing skills, build your PR and take on board a number of like-minded people on a particular idea. Another perk of running a blog is that you can build your brand of anything; it’s an exciting way to increase your followers, market your product or service and connect with multitude of people across the globe. Another creative way is to run a video blog (or vlog for short), it will help you connect with the audience in a more interactive way and who knows you can become a champ on internet in no time.

8. eBay

Not as much of a gold mine, eBay can help you earn some decent amount of money if you are skillful in guessing what products will sell quickly and what the target customers may be. It’s also a good way to de-clutter your house by selling products online and making extra money. A number of people have turned this side business into a full-time means of earning. This will really help you if you have a thorough knowledge of how to build your niche on the web. You can easily run your business online by selling and buying collectables. The platform can provide tough competition which is the downside of earning money through eBay, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot earn well enough on the world’s largest online marketplace.

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9. Etsy

Do you have a knack for crafting? Are you good at knitting? Do you know how to make jewellery from scratch? Can you creatively recycle materials to produce awesome goods? Then, Etsy is just the right place where you can sell unique artwork, historic or vintage goods. The creative souls can own an Etsy shop, and knowing their niche, they can easily make extra money. No matter whether you live in Queensland or Sydney, this side hustle will allow you to utilize your spare time in an effective manner. You can sell anything handmade from jewelry, to handbags to knitted sweaters and clothes. So at Etsy, sky is the limit.

10. Amazon

Just like eBay and Etsy, Amazon is a great place to distribute and sell products and make cash easily. Amazon in Australia has brought with it, a huge traffic of people to the website. Businessmen have equally taken advantage of this platform and turned it into a great side hustle opportunity. Amazon does the whole job for you from stocking, packing, shipping and servicing your customer orders liberating you from the hassle of keeping any product in physical form. You can enjoy extra cash by just linking your bank account to the site!

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Pooling extra money is not a big deal in Australia. The country has some of the best online and offline money-making options allowing you to save heaps of money in no time. View these top trending side hustles that will help you live in luxury in Australia.

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Is proofreading a good side hustle?

Proofreading As A Side Hustle, Do you have a great command of the English language? If so, then you’re an excellent candidate for proofreading. Proofreading is a flexible, low-stress side hustle that you can balance with your full-time job.

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