Top 10 Predicted Exports From Australia In 2020

Ten Major Exports From Australia

In Australia, exports are rising incredibly with the government earnings expected to peak more between 2019 to 2020. The exports are fast heading towards a $286 Billion peak in energy and mining alone with 2020 expected to increase even more. 2017 reached a total of $228 billion while it rose to $275 billion the next year. Month over month Australian exports rises 1%.

The Top 10 Exports From Australia in 2020

1. Gas

In 2019 Australia became the largest gas exporter in the world when it overtook Qatar. LNG exports will rise to more than 80 million tonnes per annum by 2020.

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2. Ash and Ores

23.5% of Australian exports are from ash and ores.

3. Education

Education in Australia takes the second spot in the world for international students. While education could exactly be counted as an export, it is named as the third-largest export in Australia. Australian international education impact reached 432.3 billion by 2017 with an increase of 22%. The international students come from countries like Brazil and Malaysia at the lowest at 4%, Nepal at 5%, India at 11% and China at 30%. During 2019 and climbing through 2020 it remains the third-largest exporting market.

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4. Meat

The meat export market is 4% with a total of $10.2 billion.

5. Inorganic Chemicals

The inorganic chemical market totals a current 3.2% exports standing at $8.2 billion.

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6. Cereals

At $4.9 billion the export market for cereals is a total of 1.9%.

7. Computers and machinery

$4.8 billion of computers and machinery totals 1.9% of Australia’s exports

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8. Aluminium

In Australia, the aluminium export is $3.8 billion which is 1.5% of the exports in Australia.

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9. Electrical equipment and machinery

1.3% and $3.2 billion is the export amount for Australian electrical equipment and machinery.

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10. Medical, technical and optical apparatus

Another 1.3% and %3.2 billion of exports which are head-to-head with electrical equipment.

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Final thoughts

Australia’s top export markets are first of all China at $85 billion, Japan at $34.5 billion, South Korea at $18 billion, India at $14.8 billion and Hong Kong at $14.2 billion. While the different exports change or differ from one country to another for example; slag, ash and ores to China are the highest, while it is mineral fuels that is the highest export to Japan. It is interesting to note that the top exports to New Zealand from Australia are machinery, while meat is the highest export to the United States.



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