Top 10 Places and Cities You Must Visit in 2019

10 Places Where You Can Have an Awesome Vacation in 2019

Top 10 Places and Cities You Must Visit in 2019 – Got a travel budget ready?

If you do, you’ve got to plan your travels wisely. There are so many places in the world you can visit. And you’ve got to pick locations suitable to your tastes…

This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll mention the top 10 world cities to visit in 2019!

(1) Florida – USA.

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It’s technically a state, not the city. But nevertheless, we recommend you visit it.

It’s one of the world’s most visited locations. Consider it the hub of beach vacations around the world, with good sun and nice waters!

And the beaches aren’t the only thing that makes Florida. You’ve got Disney Land to visit too!

This should be fun, especially if you’ve got children to bring along.

Also – It’s a Lifetime Opportunity.

Fun fact: Florida’s going to sink in the next 5 decades.

If you’ve got children, be sure to take them there. Because their children surely won’t know of Florida…

It’ll be an underwater wonder – just like the lost city of Atlantis.

(2) Matera – Italy

Let’s say you don’t like beaches. Maybe you’re looking for something calmer and more stoic…

If that’s you, just go to Matera. It’s a 9000-year-old city on a mountain top, that’s been renovated constantly since the renaissance.

It consists of beautiful stone pathways, churches, and monasteries.

It’s a good place to appreciate the ancient religious vibe of Italy and its old monastic culture.

And hey, it’s going to be a hot tourist destination soon. So you want it as soon as possible before it gets crowded!

Not to Mention…

You’re in Italy, one of the world’s top vacation spots.

You’ve got the world’s tastiest foods, ancient Roman artefacts, and beautiful scenery! So after spending time at Matera, you can take a quick ride to other beautiful cities too!

(3) Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo’s one of the world’s most iconic cities. It’s an odd combination between urbanity and orderliness.

But also, it’s a city that’s currently buzzing with energy. And that’s because Tokyo is preparing to host the 2020 Olympics.

You might want to visit it in 2019 before it gets too crowded. And obviously, before it gets too crowded with foreigners.

But hey – maybe you want to watch the Olympics live. And in that case, you can always delay your travel to 2020, for a front-seat at the events!

(4) Nagano – Japan

A city that is a “natural resort” in its own right.

Nagano combines both a snowy environment and the beauty of Japanese hot springs. It’s the place to be if you want to relax…

In fact, you can get accommodation there – if you’re visiting Japan for the 2020 Olympics.

But hey, Olympics or not, this place is always worth visiting. And we recommend it on our list for 2019!


(5) Pyeongchang – South Korea.

PyeongChang just hosted the 2018 Olympics.

And now that the Olympics are over, SK is a non-crowded place to be! You can go ahead and visit the country and enjoy its scenery!

One of the unique places to visit in PyeongChang. It’s a snowy environment and an excellent ski-resort.

And it’s definitely a good alternative to Nagano if you don’t want to go there.

But while it doesn’t have the scenery of Japan, it has more fun. Skiing activities there can last to 3 AM, so it’s darkness and cold at the same time!

It’s an excellent place for those who seek challenge on their vacation.

(6) St. Helena

While technically an island, it’s smaller than most small cities in the world!

St. Helena is for those who really want to ditch urbanity. It’s one of the world’s most remote places, filled with nature and mountains.

And its population doesn’t exceed 5000 – so no crowdedness!

It’s a good place to relax. And the best part is that it’s far away from any territorial conflicts. So it’s a very peaceful place to be.

It’s also a good place for lovers of marine life. There are over 20 dive spots at the island if you want to explore the water!

(7) Hong Kong – China

Let’s move to the counter side of isolation – which is extreme urbanity.

Hong Kong is arguably more urbanized than even New York. It’s just skyscrapers and bright lights everywhere…

And be sure of large crowdedness there.

If you’re fascinated by a fast-pace business city, this is a place to be. And the best part is that staying there is more affordable than you imagine.

(8) Great Barrier Reef – Australia.

This isn’t a city. It’s more of a stretch across Australia’s vast water territory.

Want a piece of nature that looks like something in a water park?

Well, just visit the Great Barrier Reef. It’s considered one of the world’s natural wonders.

This reef is over 2000KM long, stretching across Australia’s east coast. So it’s accessible from Australia’s biggest tourist cities.

Hundreds of islands exist along that reef. In addition to thousands of fish species, most of them unique.

This is place is a dream come true for marine life lovers.

(9) Vancouver – Canada

Located in the province of British Columbia, this city is a wonder in its own right.

Consider it the Seattle of Canada. It’s got bright lights everywhere, and it’s filled with diversity. Not to mention, it’s got a joyful attitude too.

And again, this is Canada. So it’s one of the coldest places on the planet. And this makes Vancouver an excellent vacation spot for those who hate the heat!

(10) St. George’s – Grenada

One of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands.

It’s got a high HDI, which is quite developed. And its population doesn’t exceed 100K.

It’s a true beauty and a hidden gem of the Caribbean. So if you’re looking for something tropical but high quality, visit this place!

Any More Places?

The locations you can visit around the world are endless.

Here, we just mentioned a few top options for you. Take time exploring each, and wait for out 2020 update!

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