Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019.

2019 – it’s a year we’re looking forward to. Because every year brings better and better games.

We’re still ½ a year from that point. But we see it best to analyze upcoming releases from now.

Most games in development are announced months in advance of their release. And below, we’ll list you some of those games.

Check them out, and see what you’ll buy for your portfolio!

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

(1) Crackdown 3.

Attribution:Icon Dave (PDP)

In 2019, we’re getting this game as an open world version. And we believe those are the best…

Here, you play a cop in high-tech armor, chasing and killing criminals with a sick energy bazooka. And in the process, you can enjoy causing havoc to the open world!

But that’s not all. Crackdown 3 lets you play online, in an open world, with up to a team 4. So you can have some buddy action as you eliminate crime!

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

(2) Metro Exodus.

Here, you play as a first-person shooter, in a post-apocalyptic world.

Metro exodus is unique, in that the urbanity is minimized a ton. And it isn’t a blazing hell, like what you’d see in many apocalyptic worlds.

The game is set in Russia, where it’s mostly snow covering cars and roads.

You play as survivor, trying to get to the other side of the country. And on the way, you battle giant monster in search of food, as you push forward.

This game should be played. If not for the action, then for the unique apocalyptic environment.

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

(3) Indivisible.

A combat game that’s designed in 2.5D.

This one’s designed by Lab Zero Games – responsible for the captivating Skull Girls game.

It’s reminiscent of the old browser games many people used to play. But here, you play with good graphics and a stylish execution of battle moves!

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

(4) Psychonauts 2.

A classic game that combines cartoon-level sci-fi and chibi styles in a psychic-spy storyline.

This game has had a large following since its mid-2000’s release. And its sales have only gone up, all the way to 2015.

Be sure that the next installment will come to us with better graphics. And it’ll come with a good storyline too, similar to that of the 1st release!

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

(5) Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Designed by Ubisoft, this will be an action game series about space pirates in battleships, fighting in a cyberpunk world.

And not only that. But you’ve got animals too joining the fold with cyberpunk gear and installments!

This game’s storyline should be a sequel to the 1st. It continues to narrate the stories of Pey and Jade on their career of theft.

It’s one to look forward to in 2019.

Top 5 Xbox Games of 2019

A Lot More to Come.

We just mentioned some of the most exciting games to be seen next year.

We know there’s more to be played. So we recommend you stay tuned for more updates!

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