Top 10 Of The Highest Paying Salaries In Hospitality In Australia

Make your Living with the Hospitality Jobs in Australia

There are a number of hospitality jobs in Australia. The people in Australia have a privileged lifestyle, high living standards, and more than average wages. The hospitality jobs in Australia are always in demand due to a large number of tourists and working holidaymakers. If you want to start living in Australia, you can easily find a hospitality job from barista to waiter and from chef or to any other food and beverage related job. A profitable hospitality job in Australia can easily be found. But have you ever wondered what the highest paying jobs in the hospitality industry are? Let’s take a look at these jobs.

1. General Hotel Manager

A General Hotel Manager in Australia can earn as much as $78000 to $82000. A General Hotel Manager is a person responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the activities which are taking place in the hotel. Lodging facilities including motels, resorts and bed and breakfast are also overlooked upon by the General Hotel Manager. They are responsible to ensure that all of the staff is organized and the hotel is running efficiently. They also oversee the quality standard of the services provided. General Hotel Managers also have some authority to promote deserving staff members. They are needed to participate in different events to maintain active community relations. A General Hotel Manager job is considered to be the most profitable hospitality job in Australia.

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2. Executive Chef

If you are shifting to Australia, and you cook really well, then you can apply for the job of Executive Chef. An Executive chef in Australia can earn as much as $70,000 to $75,000. He is responsible to ensure the freshness, promptness and quality of food served. He is there to coordinate the cooks’ tasks, and implement hygienic policies and examine the cleanliness of equipment and utensils. One of the duties of an Executive Chef is to design new recipes and plan the menu. He should be able to review the staffing levels in order to meet the service objectives. An Executive Chef in Australia is also responsible to hire as well as train the kitchen staff for cooking, dishwashing and food preparation and presentation. Purchase orders, setting and monitoring the performance standards of staff is also some of his tasks. An Executive chef also handles and deals with feedbacks, customer problems and complaints.

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3. Restaurant Managers

Another hospitality job which has highly paid in Australia is the Restaurant managers, who earn around $58,000 to $69,000. Restaurant managers are usually responsible for, leading and managing the restaurants and different tasks which are related to restaurant marketing strategies, hiring staff, checking food quality, training of staff, developing menus and greeting as well as receiving the guests. Some of the important tasks of a restaurant manager is to oversee the operations of restaurant, deliver the best services to guests to satisfy them fully, planning and developing the loyalty programs for guests, participating at food events which take place locally, organizing and supervising the shifts of staff, estimating consumption of materials and maintaining the inventory of eatables, managing supplies to the restaurant, controlling the cost and minimizing the waste, and maintaining a positive work environment. He is also meant to implement innovative strategies for improving the restaurant’s sales.

4. Head Chef

Another well-paid hospitality job is being Head Chef in Australia who is paid as much as $55,000 to $60,000. A Head Chef is known to be a skilled professional cook who is meant to take care of the operations of the restaurant or café. The main responsibility of a Head Chef is to keep a check on the food that comes from the kitchen to the table. He is also supposed to design the menus based on customers’ demands, keeping the high quality of food, submitting cost proposals for buying menu items and products, providing feedback about the quality of food, ensuring the food production is up to the mark, designing food presentation methods for different dishes, monitoring inventories, working on methods to reduce spoilage of items which are rarely used and keeping kitchen sanitization up to the mark. He can also hire and train the staff depending upon requirements.

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5. Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager in Australia is paid from $55,000 to $62,000. Some of the responsibilities of a hotel manager include management of employees and coordination and administration of hotel services for better catering and accommodation services. Some of the specific duties of a hotel manager are dependent on the number of customers as well as staff. In bigger organizations, hotel managers are usually office-based, and small managers work with the employees and customers. But some of the responsibilities of a hotel manager include recruitment and supervising of staff, management of budget, maintenance of records, planning of events and booking of rooms, proper handling of the complaints of customers, promoting the hotels’ business and dealing with the safety legislation and licensing laws.

6. Airline Customer Support Officers

One of the most interesting and dream come true kind of job, which is among the highest-paid hospitality jobs in Australia is Airline Customer Support Officers. These officers usually earn $55,000 to $69,000. They are responsible for making and confirming reservations and selling tickets, checking baggage, directing the passengers, contacting people for package tours, providing the transport information to tourists and travellers, collecting extra weight charges, taking care of people having special needs, taking care of unaccompanied children and pregnant ladies. The Airline Customer Service Officers are also famous as Passenger Service Officers or Check-in Assistants.

7. Gaming Hosts

A Gaming Host in Australia usually earns from $52,000 to $63,000. He is expected to providing friendly and satisfactory guest services, selling games to guests, promoting games, operating games safely, ensuring proper cash handling, listening to and addressing the complaints of guests, assisting the maintenance of prize display, assisting in the maintenance of stock levels, maintaining friendly environment, demonstrating games to customers, recording of winners, and distributing the prizes to winners. Basic housekeeping and cleaning are also among one of the tasks of a Gaming Host. It is an interesting job because, in it, you can enjoy yourself too while playing games and having fun for free, rather better, you get paid for playing.

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8. Sous Chefs

A Sous Chef is a culinary chef in any restaurant and his position is below the Executive Chef and Head Chef. In Australia the salary of a Sous Chef is $50,000 to $53,000. They have one of the most important parts in the commercial kitchens. They are second in command and hence have to fulfil a lot of responsibilities. Major tasks of a Sous Chef include plan and direct the preparation of food in the kitchen which requires supervising of the kitchen staff. Other tasks, which fall under the responsibilities of Sous Chefs include working with the Executive Chef for designing of a diverse menu based on restaurant’s policy, designing new recipes and dishes, establishing the work schedule of chefs in the kitchen, organizing the basic structure of work in kitchen, producing high quality of dishes, discovering talented chefs and their specialties and then training them to bring to the standard of the restaurant, discovering tricks to give best results in minimum time within the available sources, and maintaining order and discipline in the kitchen.

9. Food and Beverage Manager (General)

The Food and Beverage Manager at the restaurants and bars in Australia earn as much as $58,000 to $62,000. The first quality of the Food and Beverage Manager is courteousness since they have to interact with customers. Their responsibilities include keeping an eye on standard of food, quality of food and drinks served and food safety, getting the job done, maintaining a friendly work environment, keeping an eye on the work schedules, deliveries, and cleaning schedules and communicate the standards and methods of cooking the food to the staff.

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10. Cook

If you live in Australia and are a great Cook, you are well suited for one of the highest-paid hospitality jobs in Australia. A Cook earns around $48,000 to $53,000. He is responsible for cleaning the food preparation areas, preparing food depending upon the requirements of clients, preparing the food before the said time, making adjustment in food according to the requirements of guests, managing the kitchen, seasoning the food according to the recipes, ordering the food ingredients, operating the appliances in the kitchen, assisting cooks for assembling the food, devising new recipes, keeping record of food purchases, ordering new items in the menu, butchering and cooking animal meat, meeting customers to learn about meal experiences and their feedback, preparing sauces which accompany the food, working until the last customer leaves, cleaning up after the time is over, communicating with owner in order to improve the food experience of customers, and altering the dishes based on the suggestions and demands of customers.

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The hospitality jobs are some of the most amazing jobs which require the easiest skills like being courteous and friendly. In Australia, some of the best hospitality jobs pay the best money. The highest average salaries are those of General Hotel Managers based on their experience, qualification and demand. The need for hospitality professionals will surely increase in Australia in the upcoming years because of booming tourism. And with the increase in the need for jobs, and future will see an increase in salaries of these hospitality jobs too.

Fun Fact

How much do hospitality workers make Australia?

The average hospitality salary in Australia is $70,000 per year or $35.90 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $55,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $104,452 per year.

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