Top 10 Most Dangerous Venomous Snakes in Australia

Ten Deadly Australian Snakes!

When tourists ask about Australia, one of the first things that they will mention is the dangers. It a sense it is true that you could, but in all probability never would encounter danger in Australia, however, it is true that 85% of the most venomous and deadliest snakes in the world is found in Australia.
Australia is home to around 170 species of snakes and aside from honeybees, blue-ringed octopus and cone snail, it does sound like a perilous place to live in or visit. However, with anti-venom treatments and millions of tourists annually, besides the millions of Aussies in Australia, there are no more than two fatalities per year caused by any dangerous or venomous animal or snake.
A snake is unlike other animals and does not perceive a human as food, therefore, would it slither away instead of pursuing you. We list the Top 10 Most Dangerous Venomous Snakes in Australia, starting with the least venomous first.

Most Dangerous Venomous Snakes in Australia

10. Red-Bellied Snake – Pseudechis porphyriacus

You will find the red-bellied snake in the south-eastern and east coast of Australia and this species is slightly less venomous than most. They grow up to two metres in length and will rather escape than attack you. While you could encounter it in woodlands and bushland, it prefers living close to billabongs, streams and dams. It is one of the few land snakes that can stay underwater for more than 20 minutes.

9. Lowland Copperhead – Austrelaps Superbu

The Lowland Copperhead adapts well to colder climates and also love the low vegetation areas of Tasmania and south-eastern Australia, especially close to water. They will definitely avoid human contact as far as possible and attack only when cornered.

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8. Small-Eyed Snake – Cryptophis Nigrescen

Even though the small-eyed snake is only 50-cm long, it is a venomous snake that should not be underestimated. The venom attacks muscle tissue for days after a bite. It lives in eastern Australia’s hinterland and you will rarely encounter it during the day.

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7. Mulga Snake – Pseudechis australi

The Mulga is one of the world’s longest venomous snakes at three metres long. It is also known as a King Brown snake and you will find it across Australia except for Tasmania and Victoria.

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6. Common Death Adder – Acanthophis antarcticu

This venomous snake is the world’s fastest striker and can deliver an attack in under 15 0.15 seconds. It is found in Western Australian, southern Australian regions, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. This snake species has the longest fangs compared to other Australian snakes.

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5. Coastal Taipan – Oxyuranus scutellatu

The Coastal Taipan has the world’s third most toxic venom and found in the eastern and northern parts of Australia. Their fangs are measured at 12mm and can grow to two metres in length. When it is under threat it will strike ferociously.

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4. Inland Taipan – Oxyuranus microlepidotus

The Inland Taipan is considered the world’s most venomous snake. A single bite contains enough venom to kill 100 or more men. It is a characteristically placid and reclusive serpent that will not attack and inhabits the semi-arid and remote regions of South Australia and Queensland.

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3. Tiger Snake – Notechis scutatus

It is often difficult to identify a tiger snake due to its variations in pattern and colour, but it is a striped snake nonetheless. It is found in the Bass Strait coastal islands, Tasmania and Australia’s southern parts. In most Australian states it is a protected species.

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2. Western Brown Snake – Pseudonaja mengden

You will find a Western Brown snake throughout Australia but it does favour grasslands, woodlands and eucalypt forests.

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1. Eastern Brown Snake – Pseudonaja mengden

60% of all fatal snake bites in Australia comes from the Eastern Brown Snake. It is found in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, North Queensland and along the east coast. An adult grows up to two metres in length and is an aggressive and swift killer.

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Despite these snakes being dangerous and venomous, the danger factor should be taken out of the equation. They surely are deadly and the venom could kill you when you do not get immediate medical attention, however, when you encounter any snake, do not attempt to show off to friends and try to capture it, instead, avoid it and leave room for it to slither away.



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