10 Reasons to Attend Conferences In Australia 2020

Ten Reasons Your Next Conference should be in Australia

Australia is fast becoming the country of choice to hold conferences, whether educational or business conferences. The major Australian cities which have become conference destinations of the world are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, Geelong, Hobart, Townsville, Toowoomba, Launceston and Ballarat. These cities offer conference venues with world-class conference facilities, well thought out and superbly managed. It is for this reason the conference venues are always booked well in advance. Australia also offers conference destinations which are tailor-made for an office team to go and mix business with pleasure in exquisite locales. It is here that corporate bosses like to escape to conduct conferences for his team and in the process gets to know them intimately away from the office. These boutique venues also provide facilities for team building. Here we will find out about the compelling reasons to attend conferences in Australia in 2020.

1. Choose from Conferences Galore

If you are planning to upgrade your skills/knowledge by attending a conference, then Australia should be on your top priority list. The reason is simple – it is the first choice of millions like you. The major advantage of Australia turning into conference destination of the world is that you will find a conference of your choice to attend to. Conference calendar of Australia always remains full to the brim. As of now, there are already 150 conferences on various academic fields that are slated in different cities of Australia for 2020. Whatever be your field of interest, you can choose the conference of your choice from the list of forthcoming conferences in Australia. On top of that, you will be able to locate a conference of your choice in the city of your choice. So if you are a research scholar or PhD student or just an academic professional, all you have do is search the conference listings in Australia, search on the basis of your field, select your favourite destination and voila! You will find many forthcoming conferences matching your field of study.

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2. World-Class Conference Venues

You have to attend a conference to realize how advanced in facilities that the conference venues in Australia provide to the organizers. It is a treat to avail of such world-class facilities. Some of the award-winning conference destinations are listed below:-
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre: winner of 160 awards globally, 44 meeting rooms and can host 8000 participants.
 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra: this is a royal classic venue for a conference. The ambience blows your mind at this prestigious National Gallery.
 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre: With 19 rooms for meetings, 6 pavilions for exhibition and 2500 capacity auditorium, this is Australia’s first custom-built conference complex.
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre: World’s first conference centre awarded with Green Star rating of 6-star, 52 meeting rooms with excellent facilities and even better food located in the country’s culinary capital.
 ICC Sydney: The most sparkling and new conference venue with 3-tier theatres, Australia’s biggest exhibition space and ballroom, 70 meeting rooms catering for a capacity of 30000 participants and covering three city blocks.

3. Conferences Held in Exotic Cities

The joy of attending a conference in Australia increases many folds when the venue is in an exotic city like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or Newcastle. These conference cities have so much dazzle factor in store for you that the very idea of a boring conference vanishes in thin air. Each of these cities has unique places to explore, especially those on the coastline. Time after the conference can be utilized as a tourist holidaying in some exquisite location within the city or take a helicopter ride to view some of the natural wonders that Australia has to offer. Take for example
 Stromatolites, Hamelin Pool, Western Australia, Shark Bay
 Bungle Bungles, Western Australia, Purnululu National Park
 Undara Lava Caves, Queensland, Undara Volcanic National Park
 The Pinnacles, Western Australia, Nambung National Park
Grampians National Park, Victoria
 Umpherston Sinkhole, South Australia, Mt Gambier
 Sea Cliffs, Tasmania, Tasman National Park
 Dark Sky Park, New South Wales, Warrumbungle National Park

4. Mix Business with Pleasure

If you come to Australia on a business conference, then you can have a whale of a time, mixing business with pleasure. Business conferences can be rather boring, but not here in Australia. You have the choice to select from a boutique conference venues to cater to your pleasure aspects of you and your team beside providing excellent conference facilities. At these venues, the line between business and play gets blurred, with facilities which make even the conferences seem like pleasure. And the downtime from conferences is well covered at these venues. You will be amazed at the ingenuity of these venues to make your conference trip come alive for you and your team. Some award-winning venues are mentioned here for your consideration:-
 Jackalope, Vic, Mornington Peninsula
 The Byron. NSW, Byron Bay,
 Lindenderry, Red Hill, Vic, Mornington Peninsula
 The Darling, Qld, Gold Coast
 Elements of Byron, New South Wales, Byron Bay.

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5. Massive Network Opportunities

With conference venues at Australia going full house, you will find the best professional of any industry interacting with you. You will have all the chances in the world to network with them and find new opportunities in your field. You can further this opportunity by flaunting your contacts made at such venue for that extra leverage amongst your peers and competitors. The guidance that you will receive from these networking opportunities will help you to get ahead of your competition. People in any industry crave for such contacts and you can act as a bridge in such cases, which enhances your own reputation. You can also get recommendations from such networked people and forge ahead in your field. It is possible only in Australia, which besides everything else has that extra something in the air that makes people open up and friendly. It is the magic of the location which will help you to grow your network sky-high.

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6. Learn New Skills for Professional Development

Quality speakers are coming to Australia to attend international conferences from all over the world. The dozens in any field give their insights at these conferences. Moreover, new research is exposed at such conference venues, where you sand to gain new skills or knowledge that puts you ahead of your competition or peers in your field. This is an advantage you wouldn’t like to trade with any other thing since it establishes you in the pole position in your field. By coming to Australia to attend conferences you will ensure that no one else in your field will have more up-to-date knowledge than you because you have obtained that from the latest research discussed at latest conferences in Australia. The spin-off from your acquiring the latest knowledge will reflect in your work and will be an accelerator in your professional development. At Australia, you have the advantage of learning new skills in conferences in joyous and exhilarating locales with plenty of pleasure thrown in. What then is holding you back? Pack your bags and head to a conference of your choice in Australia.

7. Motivate & Excite Your Team

When you go for a conference with your team to Australia, you are giving a boost to the morale of your team. The same applies to you too. At times working in an office space for long, makes some people quite demotivated. Going out for a conference can make a difference in their lookout. But when the conference is in Australia you are sure to completely change the mental makeup of your team members. The exhilarating atmosphere and exotic locations in Australia are going to supercharge your team members. Excitement is in the air in Australia, and it is infectious. You and your team members are sure to get excited with life and work. It is the motivational push that will make your team and its output more effective. Recharge your team by scheduling your business conference at Australia and reap the benefits of a happy, motivated and energized team at the end of it.

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8. Get Inspired

Work pressure makes the mind dull and less productive. There are very few ways that you can find to inspire your mind to excel when cooped up in your office space. Attending conferences in Australia can be the perfect answer for you to take your mind off work pressures and move it towards a happier outlook. It is the general atmosphere in Australia in its laid back style that can work as an elixir for your tired mind. Once it gets the push to feel liberated in the ambience of Australia, you can expect your mind to deliver extra. So when you attend a conference here, your unshackled mind will catch new ideas being propagated in such conferences and will be inspired to find new ways to handle old problems of your profession. The learning process will be quicker and sharper with an inspired mind. You would want to keep going back to Australia for conferences after experiencing the results of an inspired mind.

9. Build Your Team

Most of the boutique conference venues in Australia offer facilities for team building exercises. It is part of the planned activities during the downtime of a conference that such venues cater for. You will have planned outings in your spare time which will fit like glove in hand with your conference schedule. These outings are designed in a manner wherein your team members will have to help with each other and start building real personal rapport amongst themselves. Everything is planned in a scientific manner and it will not seem obtrusive. There will even be personal dining spaces for your team so that you do not get disturbed by chatting noise from other diners in the facility. It will be like you are dining at home with your team members where you have the luxury to deliver small speeches without getting embarrassed by other diners overhearing your speech. Every small detail for building your team spirit will be catered for in these conference venues in Australia, so do not miss the opportunity to step out of your office space to Australia to bond better with your team.

10. Access Unseen Content

It is here in conferences in Australia that you will find the latest research papers in any field being delivered and discussed by the brightest minds of that industry. When you attend the conferences aligned to your field of work, you will have access to these latest developments much before your competition or peers. This will give you a first-mover advantage, armed with the latest knowledge or skill in your field. Such conferences will keep you ahead of the pack in knowledge which you can profitably employ in your sphere of work or education. Imagine being the carrier of the latest knowledge in your field. Just by attending conferences of choice in Australia you can start gaining more respect from your peers and competitors. After all, everyone is seeking solutions to some problem in any field of work and you can be the first in your circle to provide that answer having been exposed to it in a conference you have attended in Australia.

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People across the globe are rushing to exotic conference venues in Australia to find leverage in their respective fields. It is well worth the effort when the payout is massive and you can concurrently heal your body and soul by rejuvenating by the shores of Australia. Most irresistible reasons to attend conferences in Australia in 2020 have been listed above for you to take advantage of. Go ahead and attend a conference in Australia in 2020 and experience the magic yourself.


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