Top 10 Hands Down the Best Meat Pies in Australia in 2023

Ten Australian Meat Pies to Die for

There is certainly a myriad of reasons why the Aussies stand out as a great nation and it includes our reasoning and sense of humour. Let us start by asking you what a seven-course meal in Australia is.
You are probably envisioning soups, salads, various meat types, etc. However, stop scratching your head as the answer is discussed here, it is a meat pie and a six-pack. Don’t think that our cuisine is in any way behind any other country around the globe, but a meat pie is as distinctly Australian as a kangaroo and a koala.
Even in sport when a try is scored, it is jokingly referred to as “crossing over or a meat pie”. Even though no country around the world can claim the meat pie as their invention, history does suggest that it is of Egyptian origin.
Each year the Aussies have a Great Australian Pie Competition and we will be looking forward to seeing who the creators of the best meat pies in Australia in will be 2020 as well. Entries to this competition close in at the end of August each year. This annual competition started in 1989 by Craig Perry and John Ross and judges consist of bakery specialists, chefs and pie experts.
Australia also has its own Baking Association that hosts national and state events. The Best Pie and Pasties Competition for 2020 will be hosted at the Trade Show Moonee Valley Racecourse with thousands of prizes up for grabs.
We do not have to go with the decision of the Baking Association though to know which are Hands Down the Best Meat Pies in Australia in 2020.

The Best Pies To Eat in Australia in 2020

Top 10 Hands Down the Best Meat Pies in Australia in 2020

1. Caramelised Pork and Pepper Pie

When you are in Kyneton, Victoria you simply have to go to the Country Cob Bakery who won the best pie competition for two years in a row with their caramelised pork and pepper pie. Aside from this absolutely amazing pie, you should also try the mushroom and leek the curry beef and plain mince beef pies too.

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2. Minced Beef Pie

Oven Crisp Bakery in Riverton, Perth is the place to go to or drive to when you want to taste the best mince beef pie in Australia. The filling is simply to die for with a peppery minced meat that contains a few chunky bits of meat just to keep it interesting and different to the usual mince pie.

3. Chunky Beef Pie

If you are close to Whittlesea in Victoria, you have to try the Whittlesea Bakehouse where you must eat the plain chunky beef pie.

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4. Steak and Pepper Pie

In Monbulk Victoria is the Edison Bakehouse with the best pies, especially the steak and pepper pie. Anyone that has tasted their pies agree that the pastry is flawless, with outstanding consistency and sensational taste.

5. Traditional Aussie

When an establishment is called Kangaroo Valley Pie Shop you know that you can order the best pies without a doubt. Calling themselves the “home of the world’s best pies”, the establishment was formerly known as the Old Barrengarry Store which is also a heritage store. The most famous pie is called Traditional Aussie which is a combination of secret herbs and spice, onion and minced beef steak. While you are there do not forget to order the Beef and Red Wine Pie, or steak and mushroom, both of which are gourmet pies. This store is in Barrengarry, New South Wales.

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6. Chilli Steak Pie and Sausage Roll

Tommo’s Pies has won bronze and silver medals for many years for their delectable pie creations. With the location in Darwin, Northern Territory. While it is rather unfair to only list the chilli steak pie and sausage rolls, the pie selection is not only diverse but close to impossible to pick a favourite.

7. Beef and Mushroom Pie

When you look for the best poultry pie in Australia you should take a drive to Kelmscott in Western Australia. The Four Seasons Patisserie Bakery is renowned for its outstanding pastry with filling to die for. Their best pie which many Aussies call the best pie in the entire Australia, is the Satay Chicken, while their Beef and Mushroom pies also make the list of the top ten best meat pies.

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8. Curry Steak

If you are in the Cairns, Queensland area, be sure to visit Meldrums Pies in Paradise. This bakery makes the best curry steak pies in the world.

9. Brisket, Red Wine and Mushroom Pie

If you are travelling through Surry Hills, New South Wales or live nearby be sure to go to the Bourke Street Bakery. Here you simply must eat the Beef brisket, red wine and mushroom pie with an extraordinary taste and pastry that tastes like more.

10. Cheesy Beef Pie

In Currie, Tasmania is the best meat pie to eat in Australia definitely the Beef and Cheese pie from the King Island Bakehouse. Without a doubt is it hands down the best pie in Tasmania and compares exceptionally well to the best pies in the world.

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While we listed the best meat pies in Australia in 2020, we have to mention that this is merely a drop in the endless bucket of delectable Aussie pies. If you are a poultry pie lover, try the Four Seasons Satay Chicken Pie and for the best seafood pie, try the Country Cob Bakery in Kyneton, Victoria’s Curry Scallop pie. The Curried Pumpkin, Spinach and Fetta pie from Gusto Bakery in Moonee Ponds, Victoria is well worth the drive too. Living in Australia might cause you to become a typical pie monger, but don’t worry nobody will blame you!

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