Top 10 Erotic Novels To Read During Summer

10 Must-Read Erotic Novels During Summer

Don’t you just hate it when they call erotica “romance”? Come on, we all know what it actually is. Is “50 Shades of Gray” romance? Hell, it’s not even erotica – it’s book porn. Here we won’t trick you with words like romance, but only pure erotica and maybe a little something more. Maybe. If you’re lucky. Perhaps we’ll give you a shocking bonus at the end. We’ll think about it. You just keep reading. Afterwards, read the article about an erotic story of a hotline worker.

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1. “Craving”

This is a book by Helen Hardt. The first line of the description says – Darker & More Intense Than 50 Shades! Well, if this doesn’t make you wanna go and read at least the summary, then maybe you’re in the wrong place. Go read “The Little Prince” then. This is actually a series, so there’s more where this came from.

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2. “Fever”

And once again, Amazon calls it a romance book. And it’s not, OK? Let’s learn that once and for all. Here’s how it should be, Amazon: “This is an erotic slash pornographic novel, with elements of romance.” Got it? OK, good. I know why they do it though, but still, it’s not OK to lie. Anyway, let’s turn this rant into something more sexual. It’s a book where dirty fantasies become a reality. Need I say more? The author is Lucia Jordan.

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3. “Fixed on You”

Written by Laurelin Paige who was actually New York Times bestselling author. The book is a trilogy so if you like this one, you can enjoy it two more times. It has everything – stalking, sexual perversions and, of course, BDSM. And the cover it’s self is like from “Perfect 10” magazine. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, but damn!

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4. “The Risk” (Mindf*ck Series #1)

By S.T. Abby. This one just calls you to take it, read it. Like it has some weird sexual magic. Such as “The one ring” from “Lord of the Rings”. Only in a much more adult way. Still though, my precious!

Buy Now : “The Risk” (Mindf*ck Series #1)

5. “Beautiful Bastard”

Christina Lauren found a great way to describe an intense sexual relationship between her main characters Clohe and a billionaire boos. Get’s pretty rough BTW.

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6. “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence”

It already has your attention, doesn’t it? Mating in captivity? You dirty, dirty minds. Just kidding, we’re all going to read it. However, we are not gonna spoil it for you. Go read the synopsis, it’ll blow your mind. Oh, and the author is Esther Perel.

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7. Suck My Dry

“Suck my Dry: Erotic Fiction” by Gemini Phoenix. You saw the title, and we know what you’re thinking. Oh, we know, trust us. We’re like Google. And yes, you’re absolutely right. Anyway, this is a weekend pyjama party that goes wild. And the secrets from that night will be taken to the grave.

I’m genuinely starting to wonder now. So far, we’ve had many amazing erotic books, but all written by women. So, does that prove the theory that men just suck at romance, I mean, erotica? Yup, probably. But we’ll keep looking nevertheless.

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8. “Debt Inheritance”

Care to guess? Yes! We’ve finally found a male erotic author – Pepper Winters. Apparently, he’s written dozens of dark erotica novels, and this one is one of them. Sure, the title doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? Unlike the previous titles written by women. But, still, give this one a try ‘cause it looks insane. Here’s a line from a free sample: “I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It’s undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you’ve paid off your debts.”

Buy Now : “Debt Inheritance”

9. “Raw”

Just the title itself is giving me the goosebumps. The author is Belle Aurora, and the book is about… Well, wait. She said it way better in the description. ***Author Note: This is not a love story. This is a story of love gone wrong.*** So, go ahead, take a look inside, read a free sample.

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10. “Devil’s Kiss”

As promised, we saved you a little gift for the end. This is the most gruesome erotic book series ever, by Gemma James. Reader beware! James even says it herself. “Note to readers: The Devil’s Kiss Series is a dark romance with a BDSM edge that does NOT conform to safe, sane, and consensual practices. Includes explicit content and subject matter that may offend some readers. Intended for mature audiences.” So, will you read it?

Buy Now : “Devil’s Kiss

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