Sexy Board Games Every Couple Should Play


Top 7 Sexy Board Games Every Couple Should Play

Besides real sex games and toys that we mention in the previous articles, sometimes it’s just time to relax. Sexy relax, of course. Flirt, talk dirty and play. But you only get to play the board games this time, sorry. Don’t worry, though, you’ll be surprised how fun and sexual they are.

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1. Talk Flirt Dare

It’s 3 games in a box, and you get to choose 1 to play. They are mostly sexual cards for adult couples with many different games. Great for a chill romantic evening on lockdown.

Buy Now : Talk Flirt Dare

2. Our Moments

This game focuses on provoking a sexual conversation. Focus on each other, and it just might spark up a little fire for the real game after.

Buy Now : Our Moments

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3. Dirty Charades

Who doesn’t love Charades? But how about Dirty Charades? Sounds even better. But for this one, you need two or more couples. One word comes to mind, and we assure you it’s not “orgy”.

Buy Now : Dirty Charades

4. Truth or Dare For Couples

You know the other version of this one, right? We all used to play it, especially as teenagers. The difference is – this on’s naughty, very naughty. Have a look.

Buy Now : Truth or Dare For Couples

5. Dirty Minds

Sounds awesome just by hearing the name. It’s like a sexy mystery-solving game. There are 280 naughty clues and 56 innocent answers. The goal is to find out who has a dirty mind and who has a boring mind. Anyone wanna play? Like, now?

Buy Now : Dirty Minds

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6. Kinky Sex Games

Already got your attention, huh? This is an erotic adventure that will take you places you didn’t even… Okay, we lost you, didn’t we? Don’t even need to explain, you’re probably already at Amazon looking over the game. It’s fine, just come back to see the last one we saved for you.

Buy Now : Kinky Sex Games

7. The Ultimate Games for Couples

The name itself told you everything, didn’t it? But, all right, let us say at least this – fun challenges to help you get to know each other better…sexually. And there’s only one simple rule – engage with each other as soon as possible. Enjoy.

Buy Now : The Ultimate Games for Couples

So, these might be only board games and not “toys”, but nevertheless – these are games that will provoke you and most definitely start to go in a different direction. Probably the bedroom. Or a kitchen or living room. Who cares. As Jigsaw says – Let the games begin. Hopefully not his kind though.

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