Top 10 Activities You Can Do on Australia Day

top 10 Great Things To Do On Australia Day

Australia Day 26th January is around the corner. Australians celebrate Australia day like any other public holiday. History states that this day is celebrated in the memory of the first fleed which arrived in Sydney on 26th January 1788. Australia Day is accompanied by a number of events and celebrations around the country. Australia Day celebrations include beach parties, concerts, parades and much more. You can explore the culture of Australia by being part of these celebrations. Many events are planned for Australia Day celebrations, so be a part of these unforgettable memories. Most of the events on Australia Day are free so you do not have to worry about the budget. Remember during the major events, many roads in the capital cities are closed, so make sure when you are going to any festival or celebration, you use public transport which is not only convenient but also is the most reliable one.

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1. Fireworks (Non-Bushfire Ravaged Areas)

One thing that Australians love the most is fireworks. Hence, fireworks are a major part of the biggest celebrations of Australia Day. There are different locations of the biggest and best fireworks in different capital cities in Australia. If you are in Brisbane during the Australia Day the best fireworks can be enjoyed at South Bank Parklands. You can also get fascinated by local musicians playing live music, and scrumptious food stalls. You can also get into the Streets Beach which is the only inner-city man-made beach. If you are in Perth, you can enjoy the best fireworks in Langley Park where you can look at the fireworks on the Swan River. When in Melbourne the best fireworks can be overlooked from the precinct of Docklands. In Sydney, Darling Harbour is the place where you will get to see the most amazing fireworks. Besides fireworks, Darling Harbour also offers a number of activities and entertainment around the day.

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2. Children Festival at Darling Harbour

Spend Australia day celebrating at the Darling Harbour in Sydney. There is an ongoing children festival in which you can spend fun-filled family time. The Children’s festival will start at Tumbalon Park from 11 am till 3 pm. Different games and activities are planned for children where they can chomp a watermelon in Tru Blue Bush Games, enjoy in the circus playground, jump with the giant bouncing kangaroos or test their skills in activities.

3. Australia Day Parade

Australia Day starts with an iconic parade in Melbourne. So, be at Swanston Street on 26th January and you will experience a parade of thousands of people belonging to more than 80 communities and cultural groups. You will be entertained with this parade and it surely is a must-do. This parade starts just after the official flag-raising ceremony in the city and ends by the mid of the day. After this parade, you can enjoy any of the events you look forward to.

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4. Beach Barbecue

Another way to enjoy Australia Day is by celebrating Beach Barbecue. Since Australia Day happens in the mid-summer, you can celebrate it in outdoor parks and beaches. So why not just plan a family picnic on Australia Day? You can spend your day by eating a lamington or wearing green and gold colours which are national sporting colours of the country. There are many parks in the country which provide barbecue facilities. If you are in Sydney, head to Bronte, the Grassy Knoll or Centennial Park and enjoy an amazing barbecue by the beach. You can also buy an inflatable neon float and can spend your day floating in the water of the beach.

5. Ferrython Around Sydney

Sydney celebrates Australia Day with a Ferrython. It is an annual event and takes place every year on 26th January from 10:45 am to 11:30 am. The boat lovers can enjoy it free. There are a number of small and big boats racing. You can just get on to the waterfront vantage point and look at the ferries racing from Circular Quay to Shark Island and back to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The most wonderful points where you can watch the Ferrython include Bradfield Park, Sydney Opera House, Blues Point, Overseas Passenger Terminal, and Hickson Road Reserve.

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6. Outdoor Concert

Many of the Australian capital cities offer outdoor performances and concerts on Australia Day. If you are in Adelaide, head towards the Elder Park where there will be more than 40,000 people gathered for the parade, fireworks, and concerts. In previous years, the highlights of the concert at the Elder Park included Human Nature, Sneaky Sound System and Jimmy Barnes. If you are in Melbourne, and you have already enjoyed the parade at Swanston Street where thousands of people gathered on the drumbeat for parade, you can head towards the northern suburb of Kensington. Here you can have fun watching billy cart racing, live music and culture show by locals and different types of market stalls. Australia Day happens to fall during the Sydney Festival, so if you are in Sydney, you can be a part of any of these activities and performances.

7. Wugulora Morning Ceremony

The Wugulora Morning Ceremony is the oldest living culture in the world. The ceremony takes place at Walumil Lawns at Barangaroo Reserve right after the sunrise. During the smoking ceremony, aboriginal dancers and singers entertain you. This ceremony is meant to recognize the oldest and the first locals of Australia, the aboriginals. Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag rise in sky-high above the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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8. The Wiggles at Bella Vista Farm

The traditional Darling Harbour concert is planned to be executed in the Bella Vista Farm. The Wiggles will be at the stage to entertain their little fans. The elders can enjoy the concerts of the Black Sorrows with Vika and Linda Bull, Simply Bushed, and Diana Rouvas from the Voice. Some other most awaited performances include the Dauntless Movement Crew in which they will show the fire breathing skills as well as the acrobatic daredevil stunts. Besides these events, there will be rides, fireworks, activities and food trucks to complete the celebrations of Australia Day.

9. Celebrations at Q Station, Manly

Be the part of one of the best celebrations of Australia Day at Q Station Australia Day celebrations. The celebrations will begin at 9 am on Wharf Precinct. At 9:30 am there will be a Thing Throwing Competition. After this competition, you can participate in the Inflatable Boat Race which will start at 10:30 am. You can bring your own inflatable boats or can buy one for participating. After this Quarantine Beach Sandcastle Competition takes place which is followed by the Jump and Splash Castle. You can jump and splash for as long as you want. The most interesting thing about these celebrations is that entry and all these competitions are totally free and you can win awesome prizes as rewards.

10. Celebrations At Bicentennial Park, Pymble

At Bicentennial Park, Australia Day celebrations start at 5 pm and continue till 9 pm. It is an annual council event and is considered to be a hit among locals. You can enjoy arts and crafts, animal farm inflatable rides, food stalls and much more in this event. An indigenous smoking ceremony is also planned to be a part of these celebrations.

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On 26th January each year, Australia celebrates Australia Day which is the official national day of the country. Australians celebrate their culture and their lifestyle in a marvellous way. So plan your trip to Australia accordingly and be a part of these celebrations. Events take place in most of the capital cities of the country to make this day even more fun and memorable.



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