Study in Australia With Family in 2022!

Did you know that you can invite your parents to stay with you in Australia on your Student Visa? It’s true! Applicants who possess a student visa are eligible to sponsor their parents to stay in Australia. However, certain additional conditions must be met, but it’s possible in 2022! So, read on to learn how to make it happen with free and best immigration agent Melbourne tips!

Australian Student Visa Program

Australia offers over 22,000 courses for study to international students across its 1,200 registered national educational institutions. The strong economy of the country and excellent living conditions certainly make it a worthwhile destination for securing your future.

The educational initiatives by the Government of Australia are the catalyst for offering international students with world-class learning programs. These initiatives also protect the students’ rights after applying to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

The Process

Securing international students’ eligibility to study in Australia requires them to first apply for admission to an authorised institution. After that, the international student can apply for an Australian student visa with a copy of their admission application and authorisation.

Typically, the students must first become permanent residents to invite or sponsor their parents to Australia. However, a couple of different student visa subclasses offer certain benefits that do not need obtaining a permanent residence visa. The Student Visa subclass 500 within the student visa Australia 2022 program is one such provision that allows sponsoring parents.

Student Visa Subclass 500 – Explained!

It is a type of student visa that allows the applicant to participate in a full-time education or training course in Australia. Naturally, it also lets the student stay in the country until the completion of their course duration. After it’s done, the student must secure a letter of offer from an authorised education provider. Doing so allows the student with their student visa to sponsor their parents to stay in the country. However, it’s only a temporary visa and not a stay visa.

Does Student Visa  Subclass 500 Allow Multiple Courses?

Subclass 500 of the student visa Australia 2022 program allows students to pursue multiple courses together, but there’s a catch. The courses must follow a clear progression from one to another, also called course packaging.

Herein, the applicant’s final course should be their primary course of study within the course packaging. The final course will further serve as the base for their application’s financial and English language requirements.

Can You Get PR After Student Visa Subclass 500?

Though the student visa Australia 2022 program under Student Visa subclass 500 offers something rare, unfortunately, it does not allow the student to file for PR. So, despite the temporary sponsorship, the applicant must fulfil two additional criteria to obtain a Student Visa subclass 500.

  • The applicant must present their genuine intent to stay in the country temporarily until their course or training is completed.
  • The applicant must present genuine intent to return to their home country or country of origin after completing their studies in Australia.

How To Sponsor Parents in Australia on Student Visa?

The applicant must meet certain conditions to provide an Australian visa to their parents. For example, the students must obtain valid and active medical health insurance coverage for themselves and their parents. The health coverage should be valid throughout the stay of both the student and the sponsored parents.

But, some international students do not need to fulfil this requirement, against which they must provide that:

  • They are Norwegian and carry Norwegian Health Insurance Scheme Coverage.
  • They are Swedish with Kammarkollegiet.
  • They are Belgian and are included in the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

Likewise, several other factors differentiate the requirements and provisions of the student visa program. At the same time, it’s worth learning that applicants must clear their IELTS training above all.

Overview of Australian Student Visa Benefits

Surely obtaining a student visa must seem enticing after learning about some of its advantages above? There’s more!

Note: The free and best immigration agent Melbourne tips may not tell you about these benefits!

  • International students with valid Australian Student Visa can enter and exit the country as often as they desire.
  • The candidate can apply for a student visa from both outside and inside the country.
  • A student visa holder can also work part-time and full-time jobs over the duration of their course study or training.
  • While the student visa cannot be extended under Australian Migration laws, students can apply for a new student visa pertaining to another learning or training course.
  • Lastly, international students with a student visa (not subclass 500) can apply for PR in Australia.

Still, it’s worth remembering that after applying for Permanent Residency with Student Visa, the application approval will consider the applicant’s language proficiency, employment status, etc. 



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